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Life Unexpected: Season 2, Episode 9 "Homecoming Crashed" Review

This was probably the most thrill we got out of this series in a while. Sadly it was short-lived, and it could not make up for all the rushed backlog they threw over us this season. There are subtle story-lines that make up a good series; the writing has to be on point, the characters must be well connected, and fans must be able to connect with them. Sometimes an idea is developed behind the scenes, but once it is placed on screen, something goes wrong. This is a fragment of what "Life Unexpected" has been competing with these past few weeks. I tune in because it is not too crazy to follow, but there is a possibility for things to turn around. I still expect more from it, and the moment the homecoming theme was reintroduced, it showed that instead of making Life Unexpected stand out, the series only reflected what other shows accomplished. So the plots become old very fast.

I was surprised Lux did not think of Bug once. He was such a huge part of her life, and it seemed as though she cut him out completely, as though it were that easy. Lux's relationship with Eric is so far-fetched and almost fairytale-like, which makes it impossible to believe that they could get away with sneaking around for so long. Eric is more mature, so he should not be encouraging sneaking around. I don't know why the writers didn't truly bring Eric into Lux's foster lifestyle. He should have been the one to discover Lux's foster mom, and he should have been the one asking the questions, before he had this epiphany to be with Lux. It would have been more believable had Eric and Lux bonded over that defining moment in her life, when he finally discovered the truth that she was abused. It would have been realistic had Eric been the one throwing the punches.

Maybe Eric and Lux's relationship would not seem so unrealistic, had the writers created a better environment for their 'love' to bloom. Fans appreciate some complicated relationships, because reality welcomes that kind of atmosphere. The direction the writers took with this, went slightly of course the moment Cate was the one to discover the foster mother and believe her over Lux. I understand Cate's hesitance to believe Lux completely, that is partially because she hasn't taken the time to truly bond with her daughter. She spends so much time arguing with Ryan, that she barely notices how much more time she needs to spend getting to know Lux. So I was disappointed with Cate when she didn't at least ask to hear Lux's side to the foster mother's version of the story.

How many of us were surprised when Tasha took the bat into the foster dad. He seriously looked like the abusive type, his wife was even intimidated by him. That entire scene was filled with ranges of emotions. Someone needed to hit that guy and if Tasha didn't do it, he surely would have done Lux harm. Lux spirals over there in a rage to confront her past foster mother, without expecting to face her husband? She surely wasn't thinking straight. Next time Cate, try listening to Lux, then she wouldn't feel the need to call Ryan, the last alternative in my book, because he still annoys me.

They are now painting Baze as the good father and relationship type guy. It's moving how much he cares for Lux, enough to want to make a difference in her life. He was even willing to woo a client to get that paycheck advance, and it worked. The client (can't remember her name) was right on Emma's character, you really don't know how to approach her. I am sure it is not the first time she would get comments like that, and her bosses should have a heads up. So far, I have no idea what Baze and Emma does for a living, all I know that Emma is above Baze (no pun intended) and the rest doesn't really matter. We haven't really had much of her work life explored in detail, that did not revolve around Baze (that is). I liked how Baze was able to bond with Emma's son slightly, who came off quite bad-boyish in the beginning. I believe the pill talk and raiding the cabinet's are just a front. At one point, I hoped he would have been the one to swing the bat, instead of Tasha. Instead he did nothing. The weed talk was laughable and giving his "bad-boy" status, he should have been all for a crazy Lux hijacking Cate's car.

*Sigh* After speculation was confirmed and Life Unexpected did meet it's cancellation (Source), I was still hoping for the series to turn around. Adding new characters like Emma and her connection with her son Sam did not help much. They still needed to go that extra mile. For now, we can be amused by the plot they give us, firstly following that reveal that Sam knew about Eric and Lux's relationship. The promos show Sam teasing Lux about it for the next episode. I wonder if the writers are trying to push the bad boy image in Lux's life; probably a new crush. I wonder how far could Lux take her relationship with Eric anyway? So Lux isn't the perfect responsible girl they painted her after all, I don't know who they were trying to fool, because I knew Lux was far from that stereotype. Let's see what happens next.

Oh and by the way, where was Lux going with that rather short dress for homecoming, without Cate pointing that fact out? Cate needs to pay more attention to these things, not even a funny remark from Baze. (Tsk, Tsk).

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Three Stars

Grade C-

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