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Smallville: Season 10, Episode 7 "Ambush" Review

You know there are those moments where you can't believe the growth in a series? For me, "Smallville" has come a long way. Tom Welling has not only become more muscular to match the man of steel, but the on screen charisma from everyone is overwhelming. Coming closer to the Christmas season, "Smallville" writers have thrown us a treat or two. Lois and Clark secretly undressing each other with their eyes in the morning. Lois seductively cuts a strawberry; which I can't really look at in the same way, coupled with some orange juice. Lois wanted something then and it wasn't breakfast (her words). I smiled intensely during that opening scene, I didn't even pay attention to the war-like scene before. This is a big deal for Clark, he can express his love and utilize his full powers in front of Lois, which becomes even more of a turn on. All Clark's past worries about sex and the danger surrounding the people he loves, just slipped away headed to that porch swing.

Clark: "Lois, the bedroom is upstairs" (Isn't someone being kinky).

The only person that could put in an awkward dent, was The General. Did he not call ahead to let Lois know he was coming over, or was it supposed to be a surprise? Lois' father is hardcore and puts a 'guilty until proven innocent' stamp on everyone he meets. The only people or person that was an exception to that rule was his ex-wife. The General gnawed at Clark throughout the entire episode. After seeing Lois half-naked on top of Clark, that would have triggered some military defenses in his head, yet the sex topic didn't surface after that revealing scene. Lucy, to top it all off wasn't a big help. I remember a certain phone call Lois made to Lucy, while under the influence of Kryptonite, announcing her engagement to Clark. Instead of screams and girl chatter about how hunky Clark was, Lucy was the downer. She not only gives him a cold shoulder, but seduces Clark (Was that for Los' benefit?).

Lucy herself has her own issues, I didn't fully grasp her true sense of character previously, so I do not know her problems with her father. It seems as though The General's girls have responded to rules and commands. Was there truly love behind it all? After his wife passed away, it caused a dent in his heart and the only way he can truly connect with his daughters was by enlisting a stratified duty arrangement. He does love Lois and Lucy, he also wants the best for them both. I dislike the fact that Lucy planted one on Clark. I looked forward to Clark's reaction to the kiss, and I expected him to pull Lucy away, before Lois arrived. The kiss still felt meaningless, more of a scheme and I enjoyed Lois bashing her sister instead of Clark.

This episode was definitely Clois centered, as the writers are taking their time developing Lois and Clark before they explored other arcs. "Ambush" particularly explored a side to Lois we are not used to seeing. Lois was more reserved, obedient and walked on egg shells when faced with her father. These were sides to Lois that seemed unusual, and Clark noticed how much of an affect The General had on Lois. Her father's hardcore appearance has a lot to do with the type of person Lois is, as he often has his moments of surrender. I enjoy the bonding moment where Clark and the General made amends. Somehow his Blur bashing was turned around.

When The Blur takes on a personal favor and saves your daughter, one has to change their perspectives on things.

Does this mean the General would believe that all vigilantes would have The Blur's honor? No, but he also caught on to Clark's secret identity. He hinted many times that he was talking to Clark and The Blur at the same time, and Clark did not try to defend himself. Instead Clark had a personal question to ask him, did it have something to do with 'hand in marriage'? I hope so, the way Lois and Clark express themselves, it might as well be the kind of love that involves a ring on Lois' finger. Maybe they could try it for real this time.

I am grateful that the writing for this series have been creative, and week after week, I look forward to "Smallville". The moments where Lois lowered her inhibitions in front of her father, but took that final moment to stand up to him, showed growth in her character. I admired her for that strength. The pen that Lucy believed to be helping her father, but was really a bomb that almost killed Lois, was sloppy on behalf of the Suicide Squad leader; Rick Flag. They placed all their trust on Lucy getting the job done for them. I am glad they didn't succeed, but at the same time, what was their end game? It all worked out in the end for Clark, who was integrated into Lois' family. I appreciated the Lois and Lucy squabble, but I felt at some points, Lois was a bit harsh to her sister. Everyone got a make up scene except Lois and Clark in the end, but I guess that didn't matter. Clark scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush was hilarious, but Lois telling her father how much she loved Clark with a tear, was beautiful.

On the Tess and Oliver topic, I saw a spark between them. I remembered the moments they were together in the past and if they were to do it all over, with a fresh start, I believe they would prevail. Oliver just could not see the sudden light inside of Tess, even after he brought her on the team. He is still keeping a close eye on her. I believe he just got irritated because it seemed as though Tess were replacing Chloe, but Tess put her own twist to things. she still manages to get the job done. I liked how Tess discovered the tags on them, I found it scary that others knew Clark's identity unaware to him, it puts Clark at a great disadvantage. I am glad Tess pulled through in the end. She and Oliver needed to have that bonding moment. I still wonder what happened to Lex though, is he locked up? That would certainly be revealed in the future, we know we have not seen the last of him.

As for everything else, this was yet another interesting episode. Things are in the settling down stage, where the writers try to get us used to the pace, then gives a bang of an episode. I loved every moment of "Ambush", some more than others.

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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