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Nikita: Season 1 Episode 9 "One Way" Review

Then there are some series we can sit back and relax, because in a series with this good material, we as fans remain confident. We trust writers and the equivalent is a good feedback on both ends. How about the pace of this series; there is not much revealed and we are kept guessing at every step. I love it when a series is this good and people recognize it! It really takes the stress off.

"One Way" was an excellent example of this. Gradually, we not only get to appreciate what drives Nikita to bring down Division, we also appreciate her relationship with Michael. Now I watched this episode many times over, and it did not get old. The stunts are incredibly challenging, but effective and the action is gripping. Michael's past was descriptive, with the little scenes we had of his wife and daughter, yet in those short scenes, we felt his loss. His lust for Kasim's blood, this was actually the first time we saw a passionate rage in Michael. The only people Michael would hate were the ones that got in the way of him having the satisfactory kill and Nikita became Michael's new enemy.

We have this connection between Michael and Nikita, that the writers would not shed further light on, but that's okay. Their relationship is probably even complicated to them, that it is so difficult to cover. We can only cherish moments when they are screened together. Now, I fear for Nikita, because Michael is literally on a war path. Before he would have given Nikita a break and not shoot her, because some part of him wanted to agree with what she was doing. Michael's only reason for being in Division was for him to avenge his family's slaughter. Michael was willing to have himself killed, so he could have his victory. Is Michael blinded by rage? I wouldn't blame him if he was. Michael wanted so much to have himself killed, but part of him wanted to stay alive.

I admire the moments they spent together; talking close, almost as if they were going to kiss. Percy, couldn't have it. He was too happy watching Michael suffer after he didn't get his kill. Almost as though he preferred his new angst he had for Nikita. He needs Michael the most, because he is the only one that could get close enough. In the beginning Percy, did not see Nikita as a threat, but now she is the biggest threat and Michael is the only weapon he could use. He didn't care that sending in Division troops could sabotage Michael's plans, so long as Nikita was out of the way.

These characters are so interesting, that I have already formed an attachment to this series. The secrecy and anonymity of it had an overwhelming effect. Alex's role in the matter was also intriguing. For the first time in a while, we have Jayden back. She came off a bit feisty in the earlies, but now she seems more reserved and likable. After that kiss Alex shared with Thom, I expected another Alex and Jayden smack down. I would love to know what Jayden was up too all the episodes we had not seen her. Still, it was nice to have Alex go the extra mile for Nikita and even further to clean up her tracks. I remember the escape root she mentioned in an earlier episode to a friend, it was nice to have Alex show us the route. Even if Jayden was able to prove she was not the one who found out Division's back door escape, it would be no surprise if she was canceled just for knowing where it was.

I even look forward to Amanda scenes, she is so interesting, I just want to know her background even more. Even if Alex is smart enough to outsmart Amanda, she can only do so because Amanda doesn't know Alex's true motives. It is enough that Amanda knows something is up, and I wonder how long could Alex keep risking her life, without eventually getting caught. I mean, she had to break her wrist just to get Nikita the information she needed. Alex handled herself good, but how much could she really trust Jayden? I would like them too be friends, but Division may have that brainwashing tendency that can cause each situation to surprise you either way. Alex needs to be more careful, and Nikita needs to enforce that. I wonder if they would have an episode where Michael suspects Alex, or where someone realizes how long Alex spends on Division's computer.

Now that Thom is an agent, I suspect that Alex would be using him, pretty soon he could catch up with her. For now, the production sequence of this episode was visually affective. The scenes with Michael's daughter was warming, a unique orange-like theme, showing his past military lifestyle. The mood changed the moment Percy first introduced himself to Michael, more gloomy. Division scenes are always cold and detached, more colors of steel. The moments between Alex and Nikita are always somewhat professional yet warming at the same time, I am still trying to define their relationship. I was skeptical of this series in the beginning. I was still loving "La Femme Nikita", that I just didn't want anyone else to ruin whatever memory I had of it. "Nikita" however keeps climbing heights, as I get to know each character, actor and actress even more, I grow to admire this series and now I even look forward to the next week, when the episode hour is up.

After Nikita clutched Michael's knife in that final scene, I remember the moment he gave it to her and how close they were then. They keep a scene interesting and I really cannot wait for the next installment. I am certain that I would be surprised. Shane West did a brilliant job and Maggie Q keeps on exceeding my expectations.

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Five Stars

Grade A+

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