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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 9 "Can't Find My Way Back Home" Review

Private Practice has adopted a serious tone this Season. In the early days of this series, we had lots of comedy and many freestyle relationships. No one was really ready to settle down. We had a lot of breakups and heartbreaks, but like life, the serious decisions settle in; there would be the occasional comedy, but those tough decisions are still evident. The past few episodes have focused on Charlotte's recovery, which is proving to be even more difficult than Charlotte herself imagined. Charlotte is a strong person, something about her character that always made her the toughest, but we always saw a softer side in her, when it came to Cooper. That only shows up the cloak she used to hide her sensitivities, and she would truly be loving if she had her chance to show the world. Which is why these moments are still heartbreaking.

We have other characters moving on with their lives, trying to be the best they can be. Yet we open to a traumatized Charlotte entering the police station with Cooper. Something about the atmosphere made Charlotte sick and horrified. Cooper was the only one left in the dark, we only hoped that it was just a robbery, and Charlotte was only badly beaten, because the alternative was mind-numbing. Charlotte tries to push herself to recovery, but no matter how close she gets, it's always a mile-step away for her to access. Still, when Cooper announced a line up at the station, there was probably a gasp on the audiences' part "Finally a chance to get that perp behind bars!", but Charlotte couldn't face him. What would have angered anyone was seeing the smug savage blatantly admit to Sheldon the heinous act in the open, as though his actions had no consequences. How are we as an audience supposed to react to that?

What was the purpose for
writers showing another side to the perp? Sheldon in all his right followed the guy, out of fear that he would hurt someone, but then to reveal that he had a family! The only thing that would give Charlotte the satisfaction she needed, was to know that this perp was behind bars and his family spat on him because of the animal he was. It was amazing, the way Cooper was willing to risk going to jail, just so Charlotte could have that feeling of safety. When Cooper found out what happened, he snapped at Olivia. I actually feared that Cooper would overreact and start shouting at her out of guilt, but he maintained his calm, and got out of the elevator after some shrewd words. Cooper was the drive for Charlotte's got bravery. She couldn't lose Cooper, he was her strength and the only reason she could relax if even for five seconds.

When we mention the other lives that existed, we relate with Addison and her growth. Even as Addison came to the Practice, we understand the complicated lifestyles that existed there. I can actually say that I was warming up to AddiSam, almost as though they were a fresh item, interesting enough to survive the Season. When Addison mentioned having children, I just couldn't picture it. The writers have placed Addison and Sam in many sexual positions, ironically, when it comes to children, we question Addison's notion. Children would mean an actual commitment, and also that marriage could also be a possibility. Also Addison would also have to consider being a step mother to Maya, and a grandparent. Does Addison just realize the value of life to appreciate welcoming more life into her world? I think Sam would have a problem with that, especially since his reaction to her request was "uhmmmm..... not really". Sam is already a father to Maya, anything else seems so unrealistic.

As for Violet and Pete, their relationship as husband and wife is becoming stronger. I just didn't really think of them as the marriage type, but they are doing such a good job at it. The focus was placed on Pete's mother and brother, and we got to understand a little bit of what Pete's life was like. Even as his brother came to him for help, I hoped for them to reconnect, but for his mother, she was very cold. It was as though she didn't even want to try and have a relationship with Pete. Maybe she would have considered it at some point, but that wasn't enough. I admired Violet's influence over Pete, and they provided some enlightenment to the series' gloom. I only hoped that Pete's relationship with his mother would be different, she didn't even know the man her son grew up to be.

The episode, as usual, brought some unusual cases to the table, that they were able to solve in some form or fashion. The conflict between Amelia and Addison was notable, and we got to understand what drives Amelia. I was happy the procedure worked in the end. The writers grasped a method that establishes each episode, and I wonder sometimes where they get their incentives. I don't know what to expect next episode, but I hope the best for Charlotte since she pointed out her worst fear. I also hope the best for Cooper as he continues to hold Charlotte's hand, and be the best love he can. Violet did a good deed in the end, she understands what it takes to be there for her friend.

I hope to see Naomi soon, she has a lot of explaining to do about her absence.

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Four and a Half Stars

Grade A

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