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Nikita: Season 1 Episode 8 "Phoenix" Review

Talk about bad ass! Nikita can kick some people to the curb can she! This series has gone past trying to prove itself as a credible series, forming it's own identity. I am actually proud how far Nikita has stretched and warmed itself to our hearts, well at least our hard core urges to kick some butt! Learn a few moves along the way, crafty!

The moments I look forward to the most are Michael/Nikita scenes. There hardly are enough for us to get any insight into their relationship, if they had any at all. Michael refuses to kill Nikita each time they are faced together, which means there is a back-story to this hesitance to pulling the trigger. When Nikita fell for someone outside Division, that must have meant that her relationship with Michael was complicated. Could she have also had a past with Michael before she fell in love?
I am happy to make question references with this series. It succeeds in maintaining a level of mystery I enjoy, leaving room for potential fans to fill in the blanks. If we guess right, but there are surprising moments writers throw our way, making us think a little deeper into the plot.

In an article "The 4-Episode Test: Judging the New Fall Shows" I read on, Nikita's ratings continued to grow on a weekly basis. criticized "Nikita" for its portrayal of Alex's past, citing a "not that interesting" back-story. On the other hand, I believe it gave Alex leverage over the person she is now, that she can work to avenge her past and make a better future. Alex is a character I grew to admire and "Nikita" seeks to add layers that make her seem closer to human, rather than just a fictional character.

The storyline was beyond sensational, I feel for the hardcore moments and Nikita as the biker chick racing to a woman's rescue. I worry sometimes about Nikita using Alex, since it has not been established whether they have a fall guy, if in case Division suspected another rat on Nikita's behalf. The scene where Alex broke into medical to give Nikita the antidote, was loyal, but Alex could have easily been caught had she not been careful. Alex honestly loves Nikita, I can't put a label yet to their relationship; be it friendship, sisterhood or combat partners, they work well together at deception. The only people they can truly trust are each other.

The Russian spy, falling in love with someone outside her mission was closely linked to Nikita's past. Almost as though she could have related with this woman. The only difference being, she was pregnant, working for the wrong side and well caught in the end, suffering a brutal murder. Nikita risks her life everyday for the better of mankind, but could she really do it on her own? Even if she has Alex, there is only so long she can maneuver Division without getting caught. Look at how easily she got caught by the Russians when she believed them to be grieving parents of the deceased. Congratulations writers for that clever twist, we knew something was wrong the moment Nikita saw those pictures, but the two parents gunning to have Nikita killed ... that was a bad ass scene!

Who ever crafted Nikita to do those moves, whether Maggie Q did her own stunts, but it was so ^**#^#% unbelievable! Alex had her touchy scenes as well; that was one good kiss for Thom, especially since it was fake-ish. She did want to use him to get the antidote out for Nikita, but it seemed so real-ish. I know Alex has a mission and she would not let anyone distract her, but she can't help who her heart may take interest in. Maybe that was her treat. All this talk about Alex and Thom, but where is Jaden who had her eyes on him and constantly got into fights with Alex for him? It is odd that we haven't seen her around in a while. She is listed as a regular cast member, but her storyline officially has no real arc.

As for everything else, we finally got to see more of Roan; the cleaner, who Nikita beat fiercely in "The Guardian". He is just as handy as Nikita and their fight scene lead to Nikita's side based on pure luck had he not taken the plunge. He has no emotion, except rage perhaps and is the most intriguing character. One call from Percy and he is there within seconds, dragging a body in a dustbin none-the-less. What are his limits? I enjoyed firmly the moments where he was one step behind Nikita, close to catching her at the Senator's mansion. He was forced to clean up where the Senator did the dirty with the spy (what a profession?). Yet that phone line receiver was cleverly done by Nikita and discovered. She jumped off that roof top with such skills; was that a stunt writers -well done!

I look forward for more, and don't hesitate to outdo yourselves writers, we're not holding you back. More chair scenes where Nikita was in captivity, although I despised the guy that put her there, I look forward to emotions where we feel like kick boxing the villain for Nikita to flee. This episode places Nikita in the Top 5 Favorites for me. Thumbs up for that stellar red dress on Nikita with the Senator and for slipping through Michael's finger tips - again. I believe Michael lives to see Nikita another day.

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Five Stars

Grade A+

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