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The Mentalist: Season 3, Episode 8 "Ball of Fire" Review

Lisbon: "We're his only family"

This case took on a full team effort, including Hightower on the chase to find Jane and bring him home safe. Lisbon was right, his work was his life and his colleagues were his friends and family. I don't know if Jane has any other friends that would tolerate his manipulations. Jane makes it difficult to like him, not that he even cares who likes him. He would also go through lengths for his team and they are the only ones he wouldn't manipulate beyond repair. Rachel however presents an interesting psychotic appeal to the many traumas Jane had to endure on his own. Jane is already troubled, the torture scene where she tried electrocuting Jane was ridiculously pointless, why torture a man who is already tormented everyday.

So the episode begins with Jane finally out of the office in search of something fruitful to eat. Yet the one time he stepped outdoors, was Rachel's lucky break, otherwise she would have to break in to the police station to get him out. I don't understand how Jane thinks completely, but his relationship with Lisbon goes just beyond a concerned friend. Although there hasn't been any real romantic gestures between them, the writers keep their relationship light, leading toward brother and sister or close friendship-relationship status. Jane is comedic in his own sense, he doesn't even realize it sometimes.

When the guy in the hoody comes behind Jane, I thought he was going to rob the vendor, instead he hijacked Jane. As soon as hoody gets destracted, Jane runs away quickly, almost hoping out of the situation; being shoved into a trunk. A gun was truly that persuasive, and Jane finds it difficult to talk himself out of situations like that. I didn't want Jane to get captured, I wanted him to get away. The whole time Jane was captured, it was in the form of a basement creating a gloomy, secluded feeling that did not mesh well. I couldn't remember this Rachel character and I didn't really care, she annoyed me too much. When she brutally murdered her hired kidnapper, leaving hoody for dead, I couldn't understand her intentions, nor could I figure out her motives other than pure delusion.

Poor Lisbon, like a fish out of water. The team worked well together, using Jane's tactics, but Lisbon had to rely on help from a past fiend; Dr. Linus Wagner. I couldn't tell whether Wagner was in line with Rachel's scheme, misleading Lisbon. Why would he want to help Jane? Especially since he would have more motive to want him dead than alive. He confessed to having deranged thoughts that could possibly make Lisbon want him to rot in jail. Did she take him up on his offer? Would Lisbon talk on Wagner's behalf? I hope there is some way for her to get out of it. I would have preferred it, had they figured out Rachel's identity on their own, they had enough to go on.

I don't think I like having Jane in situations like these. When Rachel got the better of Lisbon and cuffed her threatening to burn the building, I couldn't believe how well Jane made up Lisbon with the blood of the lifeless hire. It looked as though he did do something badly, and had Hightower not walked in when she did, the wrong person could have gotten themselves killed.

I still wonder about Kristina, who they have neglected to give us any insight on. It's almost as though they expect us to forget that scene between Jane and Kristina. Jane's clever notes to add some insight gave cause for us to forgive the writers temporarily. I didn't even know Jane had a desk for Van Pelt to look through, he always lies on that couch of his. Just don't have anymore of Mashburn and Lisbon and we should be fine. For now, I appreciated every moment with Rigsby and
O'Laughlin; Van Pelt's current boyfriend.

Rigsby: "Don't hurt her"
O'Laughlin: "Or what?"
Rigsby:"Or else you'll have to deal with me!"

Does O'Laughlin love Van Pelt as much as Rigsby? I highly doubt it, but he wants to learn. His response to Rigsby however should have been "I won't hurt her".

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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