Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 3, Episode 7 "Red Hot" Review

Lisbon and billionaire Walter Mashburn... why *cries*?

It was as though Jane set them up, continuously putting Mashburn's crush in her face. He practically told Mashburn to give Lisbon a go in the final scene, but why? I always had high hopes for a Lisbon/Jane union however superficial that may be. I even have a huge Jisbon shipper fan base backing me up here, so why did they ruin it for me... them. This one night stander with a billionaire was unlike Lisbon and the chemistry between them was weak. The only amusing part was the explosion scene where Mashburn saved his own life by asking Lisbon out on a date. It was cute for the while, but then it got old and the almost kiss scene between them when the murderer was almost revealed, was a relief for me. I thought Mashburn's crazy ex should have gotten a gold star for that outstanding performance. I wonder why they broke up?

Elsa Struven: "Coorperate, so you can tell Walter what a hero you are, how you save him from me and then he kiss you again non? That is what you want bitch! No, go suck your own face!"

I think she was practically off by insulting Lisbon "You're totally wrong for him, so little and bony!". Glad Jane came to Lisbon's defense "Well she does have a damaged intensity that some people might find attractive". That was showing Elsa, Jane, it's her intense personality most men go for! I only hoped Jane was referring to himself as well.

I just couldn't come to terms that Elsa was obsessing over a guy like Mashburn. He didn't have that allure and the only appealing terms to him was his money. I still remember Currie Graham (Mashburn) from "Men in Trees" and he wasn't the fancy stud most women go for!

Jane's funny moments would probably be him yelling for help after the explosion and dipping into a bush heap while being shot at. Ah! but for the most part of this review I went on about the relationships, yet the surprising faked death didn't once cross my mind, until afterward. Imagine his favorite toupee tipped Jane off! Having a wife act as Lady Macbeth according to Van Pelt, was a kind gesture to Shakespeare. Van Pelt and Risgby have their on and off moments that I look forward to each episode.

This was yet another case and no reference made to Kristina or how vested is Jane into her abduction. Viewers are left guessing at every stop.

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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