Tuesday, April 13, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 15 and Episode 16 'Day 8: 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM' Review

Looks like everyone's turning on each other and most are making enemies in a matter of a few hours. 24 has been a roller coaster ride this entire day, it's a wonder why Jack hasn't received a serious migraine from all the pain he endured earlier, to risk his life to save President Hassan. What about a migraine for even that blow President Hassan gave him for the sake of saving lives. It is either the President is too much of a good man to cause Jack so much pain, or completely ignorant for leaving his country without a leader,knowing his death could cause the null and void of the 'Peace Agreement'.

I admire President Taylor for her dictatorship. She can feel compassion and relate well in any situation, which makes her a wonderful President. There were moments where I believed the writers would focus on President Taylor's family and finally let us know what is going on with Olivia and where exactly is her husband. There is still a void that is unfulfilled at that avenue. The President's family has a lot of the person she is now. I know there is only so much that could be covered in a day, but if she even takes a few minutes of the hour to make a phone call, or if even a silent few minutes of clarity for viewers. I don't know why I am so interested about that part of the President's life, something that has to do with family at the exact point of President's Hassan's death. Could President Taylor do the same for President Hassan's country if it came to it?

There was high hope for President Hassan's life. In a simple instance, I actually believed he would have survived. It's a sad thing he died so relentlessly. He wouldn't give in and instead his life was used as a disciplinary matter. It makes you think at the last moment can anyone truly avoid the axe on 24. His death surely puts an end to Dana's Immunity Agreement. I found it shocking she didn't confess to having a body hidden in Hastings' office. Dana herself was a shocking reveal, I mean is everyone going to turn out bad on 24. Suddenly I find myself suspecting Cole or even Arlo, and is Chloe in on it too? Even though Dana tried to take Arlo's life and Chloe is probably too faithful to have a bad bone, it still leaves those ridiculous possibilities in your head.

There were too many faulty plot lines this round, which even leaves a ruffled overlook on 24. I almost feared for Renee's life. She is given such limited scenes already to have her leave the series on a sudden note. I would want to have Renee and Jack's relationship play out, or whatever that means to them. I still don't know how Jack is able to bring Renee on missions given her emotional condition, which seemed to have disappeared? Each episode has its interesting points, but the story lacks consistency, which can cause an audience to loose interest the same way. Does anyone else sense that connection between Ethan Kanin and President Taylor, maybe there is a reason for leaving the family out of the picture.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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