Sunday, April 25, 2010

Castle: Season 2, Episode 21 'Den of Thieves' Review

So we finally have Castle drooling over Beckett after that last mishap. So does it really take another guy to bring out the tiger in Castle. I have to admit though, Castle took the competition really well, and was even modest when asked about his relationship with Beckett. I don't understand how everyone else is so on point with Castle and Beckett's relationship, except Castle and Beckett.

This Demming character is very daring, because I am sure the writers placed him there to give Castle and Beckett's relationship some competition. Does it really take another person for them to realize their feelings for each other? I found it intriguing the way Demming's character was introduced. How often does Beckett attend this gym, that the writers decided to screen her in. At first I thought she was working out at her replace, due to the lack of other character presence, but then this Demming character enters and it creates this secluded role in Beckett's life; the attractive guy that just happens to be in the same place at the same time.

This was actually the first episode Esposito's character was given some back story. I wonder what makes up Ryan's character, except for this girlfriend of his that keeps coming in and out of the show? Esposito's history is story worthy, and maybe Castle should have dedicated a chapter to Esposito's story,truly heart rendering. Could you imagine spending years in hiding, and having your reputation tarnished, just to have enough evidence to put a criminal away. That would have been hard for any cop to pull of, especially since that time spent away meant removing yourself from your family. This episode was truly inspiring and Jon Huertas (Esposito) did a remarkable job at playing his torn character.

I actually suspected Beckett's new love interest at some point, he just came in out of no where, but I guess that was the idea. I believed Beckett enjoyed rolling around with him in their fight sequence, even if it was just to buy some time while he was under suspicion. I probably felt as eager as Castle for him to be the culprit, then to be sent off and out of Beckett's life, butt that would have been too easy, even for Castle. Castle needs to learn how to express himself. He's a writer, but he discovers the most difficulty in acting out real life and letting Beckett know his feeling for her. I believe Castle does fear he would ruin a good thing, because their relationship is so emotional. I would love to see where this goes, especially since it looks as though everyone got their happy ending, well almost.



Four and a half Stars

Grade A

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