Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 19 ' Blood Money' Review

Jane would go full out for Lisbon, this episode embraced how much he loved her, probably even more than he realizes. Hightower seems to be testing their relationship and since we haven't really received Hightower's story, I still would not trust her. She manages to pull a few of Lisbon's string, but I feel her interest lies in Jane. She either has a crush or ulterior motives. I was actually very excited to have Jane and Lisbon alone together, Jane admitted how much he cared for Lisbon, thumbs up!

As for Van Pelt and Rigsby, their relationship is apparently okay for now. I did share some tears with Van Pelt, when she decided to end the relationship. Looks like Lisbon's no responses in the elevator ride, proved to be of some help. I still believe they would secretly carry on a love affair, if not in the physical, but the emotional part. I don't understand the no dating rule, like I have probably mentioned before, it's almost impossible to make yourself not love someone, especially when they are right in front of you.

Van Pelt is considerable strong, but there are a few details I noticed about her character. She often wears her hair out, creating a particular 'girly' image, she mostly always wears colors in her work uniform. If she were to be compared to Lisbon, she would be considered the complete opposite. Lisbon presents herself as on of the guys, she wears her hair up mostly and is found in dark colors. I recently paid attention to this element, so I believe it deals with the different character each portrays.

The court case was an interesting theme for the show. I didn't understand why Jane felt the need to be a smart a** in front of a judge. Was Jane allowed to treat the judge as tough he were a suspect as a witness and the accused himself. Those court scenes were truly the most hilarious. Lisbon continuously stretches her neck out for Jane and sometimes it's almost as though he loves that. It feels more like Jane purposefully messing up to have Lisbon clean it up and have it out over a beer of some sort, my theory at least. So the hit-man approach was taken full advantage of, but why use Rigsby' picture. I imagine the writers wanted to paint the image of Van Pelt going crazy over Rigsby and finally losing it enough to hire a gun over his head. I knew it was a hoax from the beginning, but very clever.


Four and a half Stars
Grade B+


Redux said...

I find it hard to watch this show because of how unsympathetic Jane is as a character. I can't really connect with him and now just kind of detest seeing him. He's like House, interesting but the worst part of the show. Its strange because I love all the other characters so much.

As always, I love reading your reviews.

Lexa Cliche said...

Thank you :) I understand what you mean with Jane, but his relationship with Teresa brings out a different side to him, if you notice he becomes more sympathetic and actually shows emotion. Jane is an open book actually, it's obvious he behaves obnoxious in retaliation to what happened to his family.

For now I merely tolerate his snarly outbursts, I know they come from a different place. Which is probably why Lisbon holds him on such a long leash.