Friday, April 16, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 17 'Day 8: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM' Review

What's going on here, didn't they not realize how much Renee meant, why did they pull the plug on her? 24 is just taking things too far, first Tarin goes bad and dies, Dana goes bad and we want her uhmm and President Hassan is brutally murdered and now Renee falls in the same boat. I actually used to look forward to having Renee in a scene. She brought so much presence when she was first introduced in the earlier hours, presenting this bad 'ass' theme. Sadly, this is yet another partner that Jack loses in life, there is only so much pain one man could take guys. Couldn't they have found another way to get her out of the picture without it being so heartbreaking? Didn't Jack's tears make you want to change that scene and rewind the clock? Ah, who knows, but maybe they have something else planned, but nothing else could stop the huge load they want us to carry. Poor Jack. ---------------------------------------->

My only guess is that Jack would use his rage to find out who killed Renee. Did he love her? If he did, his determination would be persistent and callous. I still do not know Jack's history with her, so the writers could take this time to fill us in, or do we have to enjoy the suspense of it all? We should get to this later on in the day.

As for the President, what is with this new Russian theme that is touching on the 'getting really old' border line. After this new enemy of sort, would there be another villain to dislike? Although the guy who shot Renee had a strong villain approach, did he truly believe killing Renee and Jack would solve his problems? From the moment he began to babble about taking out Jack Bauer, we as the audience knew that wasn't going to happen. It was either going to be a close miss or Renee would have the fatal shot. Poor Renee.

I applaud Chloe for taking up the acting position in control, but how long would that hold? Chloe comes off as the person with all the answers and the direct approach that gets the job done, but faced with leadership authority she is now subjected to those rules. Chloe is still finding her niche in the leadership category. There was also no mention of Dana, I guess they didn't find it necessary, but does anyone suspect that Cole would turn as well. Where does he fit into all of this? Why make Cole the fiancee type, just so Dana could fit in? Did she ever love him? I believe Arlo was fooled, flirting around with her all day, who knew what could have happened had Arlo not gotten that call from Chloe an hour or so before. Chloe saved his life. Of course he would not think about it like that now. He would only utter a few words like 'I worked with her, I can't believe I didn't know it. She was acting strange today'.

Character changes are so unexpected, if we were to draw on the assumption that Renee recognized who shot her after so long. What about the Russian guy's experience on the matter 'I don't forget faces' (picture the Russian accent). He only tried to prevent the inevitable and cause a target on his back. He should have just taken his boss' advice and leave well enough alone, gone into hiding, but now he's running from the law (that sounded cheesy?).



Three and a half Stars

Grade C-

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