Friday, April 23, 2010

The Office: Season 6 Episode 22 'Secretary's Day' Review

This was the first time Angela and Andy's engagement was mentioned in a while since Erin came into Andy's life. It wasn't a surprise why the writers chose Michael as the one to deliver the bad news; he's the only one who wouldn't over think things before actually saying it. In this case revealing Andy's almost wedding should have been a great ice breaker for his relationship with Erin, look at how well she took it. That only meant that they told each other everything enough to have her react so out of sort when one truth wasn't completely revealed. I have to admit, the cake to Andy's face was a huge jaw dropper, Erin got him good.

I was most surprised of her uprooting relationship with Michael. I knew the writers hinted to a bond between Michael and Erin before hand, but their relationship didn't blossom until now. For a while Michael used to perceive Erin as the crazy person who works for him, and I believe he sees her the same way, but he could actually tolerate holding a day long conversation with her?

If Angela meant nothing more to Andy, why refrain from mentioning the fact that he was engaged? That in itself was a big load to drop in a new relationship and should be treated lightly. Still the mere reason Erin acted so out of hand could probably trace back to her previous relationships in life. How many boyfriends has Erin had? Sure she pulls off the cute well, but how long did her previous relationships last? Strangely I find myself rooting for Michael and Erin now.

Aside from the Erin-Andy-Angela drama, the new guy (whose name I can't recall right now) really just wants to fit in. After six seasons, this was the time everyone chose to make fun of Kevin. I believe Jim did the best impersonation, yet those Kevin moments were still long overdue. I felt sorry for Kevin and I expected Jim to be the one to reason up and tell everyone to give Kevin a break, not the new guy. There has hardly been any attention placed on Jim lately, but the few moments he comes of a bit irrational at times. I would appreciate a 'Father Jim' all now. Now that he and Pam are back at work, who is the babysitter?

Kevin made a good comeback at Oscar, at least Michael thought so. I believed Oscar's version could have been funnier, but not so much now since Oscar suggested it himself. The new guy surely gave himself the 'loser' tab when he began making fun of Kevin after he spent the entire day punishing anyone who did the same. I applaud Dwight for his apology, but Jim and Pam were just too smart. What would you expect from these new parents, who would rather go home to be just that? The new guy has also replaced Michael's most despised role, it was only a matter of time.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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