Monday, April 5, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 17 ' The Red Box' Review

Was it by pure coincidence or a pun on the writers' end to have Special Agent Madeleine Hightower reign high authority on everyone, including Jane. I am not certain whether Jane is just allowing Hightower to manipulate him, or if he has finally met his match. Hightower came off friendly in the beginning, but she soon showed Lisbon who was boss. She wasn't even cut off to threaten Jane, instead she read him enough to know that threatening Lisbon instead would give her the results she needed. Jane's abilities are more useful than Lisbon's leadership skills, so Hightower could afford to expend Lisbon's title. I still believe she's bluffing, to an extent. After she plays the Lisbon card, what reason would Jane have to stay? Cho? Rigsby and Van Pelt?

Speaking of them, the on-off couple, who knew they had mended fences. They were well willing to go to bed on a case, they must be truly comfortable with each other in the relationship, except the part where they often have to borrow time from the job and act as if their relationship did not exist. I even believed their relationship had taken a standstill since their last argument. Thumbs up to the writers for keeping the interest levels between Van Pelt and Rigsby. I would love to know how Hightower would deal with their relationship having finding out by just a glimpse of them about ten inches away from each other. In fact I want to know Hightower's background that makes her almost as clever as Jane. Maybe Jane has met his match (this is subject to change).

The murder mystery, did not interest me as much as the external bits surrounding the case. I lost track of who was what to whom, and who did what in the end. Most likely the continued relationships among regular characters are what intrigues me most. I am interested in Cho's girlfriend, we haven't seen her since the episode centered around him. For some funny reason, I am thinking along the lines of Hightower becoming a menacing villain for Jane, relating somewhat to his past, but let's see how that unravels.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B+

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