Monday, April 12, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 18 ' Aingavite Baa' Review

Rigsby and Van Pelt have such strong chemistry onscreen, which makes it almost impossible to pull away. Count this as one best television couples created onscreen and a thumbs up to the creators, writers, producers... (and the list goes on), behind this series. It takes an incredible amount of skill, which I thought was lacking in some other shows; I believed it was difficult for writers to create a decent chemistry between people accompanied with believable story-lines and social conditions, but 'The Mentalist' wears everything in pride, especially with Jane on the team.

I don't understand the purpose behind the 'no dating co-workers' rule. Once the feelings are there, it becomes truly difficult to drive away from them. It practically broke Van Pelt's heart choosing the job over their love for each other. As it was heartbreaking for the fans having Van Pelt crying in an elevator without any kind of support from a clueless Lisbon. Jane acted his usual detached front and for a guy who seems to have all the answers, walking away from a crying woman seemed to be his true weakness. Tears and sadness are all dealings he removes himself from, especially since tears remind him of the loss of his family and the extensive grief he carried. He probably knew of the situation between Van Pelt and Rigsby and it should have been they to fear Hightower first, as opposed to Lisbon. Things would definitely be cold and distant between this romantic pair, without the romance.

I admire Hightower's villain approach to power, and yet one can fall prey too loving to dislike her character strength. She paints a tough light which I believe Jane has spent some time trying to figure out. I can't stop thinking that there is more to Hightower's story than what is being let on. Jane wants the upper hand and so does Hightower and so their is this silently outwitted struggle for power. Lisbon's function is questionable, since Hightower clearly stated how expendable she was. I believe that just as Hightower was able to discover the truth between Van Pelt and Rigsby, so too was she able to discover the connection between Jane and Lisbon. I wonder when she would use that knowledge to her advantage? It is clever the way this series can wrap the audience into deep thought and still carry a torch of strong interest among characters and plots. Wonderful indeed.

Even this 'Jane Doe' plot was interesting, even though it was probably screened before, this was 'The Mentalist' take on it. The thinking behind each theory has been worth spending an hour in front of a television screen and suffering through advertisement breaks. There is a world created for an audience that we just eat up and expect a week after week brilliant series to roll on.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B+

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