Sunday, April 25, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 18 'Charade' Review

For one moment I actually believed that Clark was going to reveal his identity to Lois and lose the charade he keeps up with her. It's almost shocking how much people know Clark's secret, except Lois; Tess, Zod, Chloe, Oliver, the hero clan, Metallo, the Kryptonians, and the list goes on. Why bother at all keep the secret that only remains that way because of Lois? I believe that once Lois knows that Clark is 'the blur', her perception of Clark would change, seeing as she already praises 'the blur' for giving her purpose.

It was beautiful the way Lois held on to revealing something that she couldn't comprehend herself. Does this mean that subconsciously Lois recognizes The Blur as Clark, but hasn't officially put the pieces together? We are introduced to a new character (Gil Bellows), who has the potential to read minds and place them unto a virtual computer of some sort, very high tech equipment stuff going on there. Smallville seems to have upgraded its technology to the fullest, it was even recognizable with Chloe's Watchtower, Tess' access to extraordinary power sources and ranges of technology from the exclusive team Checkmate.

Checkmate and Tess seem to have this torn relationship. I remember Lois and Waller had some kind of relationship via text or code messages, which seems to be non existent. I wonder how far this Checkmate would spin and how many people would they recruit to save the planet. I understand their obsession with saving the world, but it comes off as villain sometimes, while the capture people using the most corrupted approach necessary, especially as they deem the Kandorians, at least according to Waller 'Aliens', as some sort of threat. Even if they managed to succeed with their plan, what's tot make them think that their alien powers wouldn't over throw them?

Sometimes the first action to what is deemed a threat is war, but why not discover how the Kandorians live before they decide to stab them in the back. So far the only threat they should consider is Zod. His character is a bit sketchy, as I wonder where he stands with Tess. It's obviously not a love story, so what does Zod gain from this relationship with Tess?

Chloe seems to be taking the motherhood role, but there is only so much she can do in her human form. She sits behind a lot of technology and does maintenance work, but she couldn't truly dodge bullets if it came to it. Even though the future we saw in 'Pandora'' may have changed, Chloe is still vulnerable to threats. It would be cool for Chloe to take up some armor of her own and pull off additional stunts. There was the time when Clark was infected with Red Kryptonite, and lost it around her. Chloe has been putting herself in places and have made decisions that could expose her to a lot of enemies, especially when it looked as though Clark could have easily killed her.

On that note, it's pretty brave of Lois to tell The Blur that he should preserve his identity, even though it killed her to say it. If Lois were to know Clark's secret, would she join Chloe behind the curtains? The writers found a way to make that moment slightly cliched, I kept thinking 'couldn't she recognize him in the shiny-thing, I mean, how often have the writers used poor lighting to conceal Th Blur's identity?

Oh, but for the additional touch, Lois was very cute in that bunny outfit, terrible that she used it for a dangerous cover up story, as opposed to some spontaneous moment with Clark, things really need to be spiced up in their love life.



Three and a half Stars

Grade C

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