Friday, April 16, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 14 'Hello' Review

After thinking this one through I decided that Glee could make a great addition to my review collection. There are just so many reasons why I often reconsidered reviewing this one regularly. So I would be up front with you guys. I am not a Will and Emma fan, in fact I am not to keen on Will's character, but as a series the vocals and musical collaborations often overthrows the other emotionally driven.

This episode's theme is based on Hello and finding a sound that reflects that theme. Sue Sylvester was classic here and definitely a crowd pleaser. Why would she go through lengths to get back into a job that deals with terrorizing and making a mockery of people. I guess that is the only way she could survive. It took guts blackmailing the Principal and she now has him under her fingernails, so why go the extra mile when she could get anything she wants? I believe the drive is what gives her fuel to sabotage.

I expected to hear more from Mercedes this round. I knew the moment Hello was spoken, Lionel Richie's sound would have made the Glee track. That collaboration with Rachel's new love interest was beautifully done. Almost two of the most beautiful voices that needed more than an applause at the end. It leaves you wondering why is Rachel still singing in high school? I believe Rachel is still growing as an individual and even if she wants to make life altering decisions, she still wants to experience the joys of friendship, love and going to school.

I actually expected the slushies being thrown in their faces. People still wouldn't accept Glee for the club it is and the individuality it represents. Singing, especially for a guy, is seen as a weak activity and if not well recognized, could have a negative impact on individuals. Finn has had his ups and down with regards to Glee; losing his girlfriend to his friend, over a manipulated pregnancy believed to be his. Then to suddenly have Rachel come into his life and plan every avenue of their life from a calendar. That was definitely what a Rachel thing to do, and it was good of the writers to maintain Rachel's character.

The only thing I find surprising is the sudden relationship Rachel sprung on over a piano duet. How many time past since before Rachel found herself in love with another guy after Finn broke up with her? Could this other guy truly break her heart? I hope it would not be the traditional "Oh it started off as a plan of sabotage, but now it's real baby" in song. I wouldn't care either way none the less, so long as we hear more vocal actions. I also found it unfortunate of Rachel's tough love friends. Mercedes is usually the strong voiced person and easily persuasive in any crowd, but she can also come off harsh. Which she was when she threatened to kick Rachel out unless she got rid of her boyfriend. She obviously presents herself as the leader in the group. Even if the group may need Rachel, they clearly made it obvious that they could survive without her. I wonder how long would that be though.

This group deals with everything like a family. They have their mishaps, awkward and tough love moments, but in the end they form a strong group. Which is why I wonder why Rachel's boyfriend (Jesse St. James) feels threatened enough to create a deceptive relationship. Jesse's teacher Cue Shelby has an established musical industry, the only way she would go out of her way to spy on Glee, was if she saw them as competition, which evidently makes them a threat. I believe her feelings for Will are somewhat sincere, but what is he doing kissing another woman after clearly professing his love for Emma.

I am keeping a close insight into Will and Emma's relationship. I di not like the way Emma addressed Terri as though she owned Will apartment. She admitted to not wanting to swim in Terri's hurt and shame (words to that effect), but there she is ordering Terri to get out before Will arrives, did she suddenly replace Terri as Will's wife? Emma once came off as a person who would consider other people's feelings before her own, but the sweet, perfect image she is trying to portray, I just don't buy. I am happy Terri put her in her place, although that was probably 'guy' of Will to forget his song with Terri, he needs to sort things out from his life. Firstly, he needs to officialize his divorce, if he's going that direction and choose who he wants to be with. Emma's sexual life should not have an impact, however flat it is, if he loves Emma, he should stick to that.

Certainly the funniest scene would be the Finn, Santana and Brittany date. Not only was I shocked to know that they were talking about Finn as though he went to the bathroom, but they ordered him to leave and leave his credit card, that was definitely girl power right there. Finn was actually turned on by the notion for them to make out in front of him. Puck must have had a ball with Santana. Hey what about Puck and Ouinn, who clearly had no lines this round. Their silent scenes were enough to strike up a conversation.

It only now registered that Finn is now into basketball, he looked really odd in those scenes, not to mention the moments Rachel began rooting for him. It was sweet the way she praised him then for being her boyfriend even when he was falling flat on the ground. That shows you the type of person Rachel could be as a real girlfriend. That is probably why Finn took the time to realize and fought for her in the end. I believe that she and Jesse would have this secret love affair going on, which is why she couldn't completely be honest with Finn. Who knew Rachel would have so much love drama in her life?

That's it for now, the final song sequence was a bit awkward. Even if it showed the group as a group, there where moments where Rachel and Finn felt out of place, reflecting their feelings for each other outside of Glee.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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