Sunday, April 25, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 20 'Second Choices' Review

Violet's back with a sudden character change and wants her son back, but not to the liking of Addison, talk about inappropriate timing. This is so messed up; Addison is with Pete and loves Lucas, but she also has this thing with Sam, an Violet is back, while Pete has unresolved feelings for her, but they share a son together and that's a bond you can't replace, yet it still brings a tension for Addison who has an attachment to Lucas.

We as fans, wanted nothing more than to have Violet wake up and realize what she had in front of her, now had she went to New York sooner, maybe things would have been different and Addison and Pete's relationship would have been non-existent and it would have been easier for Pete to forgive Violet. This story is definitely a sad yet beautiful one, which also makes Private Practice so good. The cast is what makes up this series and how well their acting goes with the sensational chemistry. Private Practice is indeed one of my favorite series to date. I understand where Pete is coming from, at one point he was pushing Lucas in front of Violet, and now he trying to keep a distance between them.

Pete is open to a relationship, but on his terms. I don't believe he should have been so harsh with Violet, at least he should have inquired about what happened in New York, because it apparently had a lot to do with her reformed character.
Now this episode brought Pete and Addison in a new light for me, it actually made be believe that they were actually a real couple. For the first time Addison has a healthy relationship, but the timing is wrong for everything. As I mentioned in a previous review, Addison should have been careful when it came to getting involved with a father type, with unresolved emotions for his ex. Pretty soon, Addison would drive herself crazy, because she loves Lucas, but might only carry a limited role in his life.

I believe the writers would elaborate further on what to expect from each couple carrying their dilemmas. This was yet another episode without Naomi, which leaves me wondering where she stands with Fife. He started of as a snob and it was truly surprising when he admitted that he would wait for her to return. Honestly I don't truly believe that Naomi loves White, but I believe she cares for him and she believes that Fife could take care of himself better than White. We also have not been seeing much of Maya lately, who would probably be far long. i wonder what her relationship with her husband would be like, or are they in that teenage zone still.

For now I would also like to focus on this Charlotte-Cooper-Sheldon triangle that is almost like the Violet-Pete-Sheldon, except Charlotte is still emotionally vested in Cooper. I want their relationship to take a real turn for the better, and for Cooper to wake up tell Charlotte the truth about his mojo, which apparently comes and goes. At least he still wears his heart on his shoulders when it comes to his patients. The boy who's mother covers his head with a permanent helmet to prevent him from eating everything in his path, is a pretty odd storyline, but handled well by the writers and actors involved. When it comes to family, we really don't want them to suffer through embarrassing circumstances, but that was poorly handled. How was that boy boy going to grow up? How was he going to meet girls and relationships, that situation should have been dealt with, especially since the mother went through the same situation before.

Hopefully Pete would come around from his anger issues with Violet. He's hurt and crushed and has probably developed speeches which paints Violet in a bad light in his head, but he needs to come around. There would be a moment in Lucas' life where his biological mother would play a huge part in his life, and Pete has to at least give Violet a chance. Violet has been through a great deal and Pete just needs to walk a mile in her shoes to understand what she has been through. As for Addison, where is her place in all of this? How about the favorite aunt? I truly just want everyone's happiness. Misery does not do anything but brings a gray cloud over an audience head, no one really likes a heavy shower of rain. People get soaked.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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