Friday, April 16, 2010

Castle: Season 2 Episode 19 'Wrapped Up In Death' Review

They just love picking on Castle do they. I believe Beckett has a huge crush, but what's to be said about Ryan and Esposito, who apparently makes a living out of terrorizing, sometimes Beckett gets a taste of the teasing. Which just shows how much the chemistry between characters are almost impeccable.
Short Recap: A museum curator is crushed by a falling gargoyle. Castle stumbles upon a tomb of a mummy at the museum and is labeled cursed for opening the chamber.

Castle surprised me here, I had no idea they would attempt a mummy centered episode. Castle made well with the 'Indiana Jones' theme; the hat, the thirst for adventure, Castle just seems to pull out his surprise card at every stop. It's then not a surprise why Alexis would follow suit with her outlandish experiments. I am still trying to place a concept on her character and what she means to Castle. Castle may not be the perfect role model, but you can absolutely see how much he loves his daughter, which is probably why Beckett may even love him.

As for Beckett, what was up with her constant picking on Castle? The chair, the coffee machine, wasn't that pushing it a bit over the top? Castle spends a lot of his time with Beckett and I believe this 'Nikki Heat' theme would be a long standing series of his just so he could have an excuse to be near her. That could also be the case along with his lust for adventure, but Beckett has her arms around his heart. Which surprisingly was recognized by Alexis, the moment she realized that Beckett was the reason she couldn't spend more time with her father.

The guy revealed to be guilty, was, as a Men in Trees fan, the same cop that wooed Patrick's mother. If you guys were Men in Trees fans, you may recognize him. I don't know if that impacted on the spotlight being placed on him, the moment he was introduced. I also suspected the woman who shouted at Castle for opening the tomb, butt that just seemed too obvious. Although I wasn't too interested in the plot, the relationships were exceptional. I would forever point out Alexis and Castle's mother's roles because even though they are given limited screen time, their presence is lasting on screen and I look forward to their roles.

Enough of cliched themes though, I want more attention on Beckett's mother, which has been played down on a huge level. I know the writers would try to play Castle and Beckett's relationship out slowly, so the pace they are moving with is very clever and interesting. Esposito and Ryan are also some characters I look forward to seeing, the paper-cut bit with Castle in the beginning when they tried to convince him he was cursed, was funny on their part. Castle in the elevator was another funny bit.



Three and a half stars
Grade B-

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