Monday, April 12, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 12 'Father Unfigured' Review

Cate and Baze together on a road trip only spelled trouble. Their constant bickering and absurd tantrums towards each other would make anyone feel the need to buy a pair of earplugs. It is ironic that Lux was behind the entire road trip and encouraged Baze to tag along, for the sake of her boyfriend. What was with that out of the way storyline anyway? Tasha's ex shows up and suddenly everything is on the downfall; trashing the bar for the sake of what exactly? That scene still felt as a filler to push Cate and Baze together.

For some reason, I resent Ryan's choice to allow Cate back into his life all trustworthy like a packaged perfect deal. Suddenly Ryan carries no beef with Baze and completely trusts that Cate's feelings towards Baze would simply mean nothing. I believe Ryan needs to do some thinking when it comes to the big decisions in his life. I am not quite a Ryan fan, nor am I a Cate's, so that leaves no question why having them together creates an upset framework.

Anyway, we finally meet Cate's father, who refuses to walk his daughter down the isle. Why didn't Cate take Ryan to meet her father? There are still some ifs and maybes with respect to having Baze tag along for the journey. Cate was also a fool to believe that Baze lied to Abby about having feelings for her. Baze obviously chickened out. It surprises me how intuitive Lux was with regards to Baze's feelings, there are some things that don't change. Lux has shaped herself like the sane parent in the family. She is responsible for cleaning up messes, breaking up fights and preventing tantrums from getting out of control, and now she feels the responsibility over Cate and Baze's torn relationship.

Cate's father is truly a sad case, and her mother isn't truly the biggest support, so it is not surprising why Cate may be the way she is. Cate's life is entirely disorganized and her decisions can raise and eyebrow or two. In fact everyone's lifestyle is torn in some way or the other. Look at Baze's dad, even though they bonded, we still haven't seen him around since, they haven't shared any father son moments since. I am certain Baze still blames his father for his mistakes in life. We haven't been introduced to Ryan's family, but his life doesn't even begin to touch the line of perfection. Lux comes from a broken home, to enter into one similar but in a more organized, polished framework.

For the while I actually miss Tasha. I couldn't care much for Cate's dad, who couldn't seem to care for a daughter at that moment. Baze and Cate sleeping in the same bed should have been cause for concern, had Ryan paid them a surprise visit, Cate would have a lot more to worry about. I believe that Cate and Ryan would not truly be happy with each other, so long as Cate's unresolved feelings for Baze remains that way, especially since Lux is a big part of their lives. I don't appreciate Ryan clinging on to Lux, at least that's what it seems. It is awkward every time he a Lux share a scene and he comes off as the dad role model.

Seeing that the wedding is soon, which I hardly doubt would last long enough if they did tie the knot, I believe Baze would have a say before 'I do'.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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