Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 15 'The Power of Madonna' Review

Who knew Sue Sylvester could not only sing, but also take on a full music video. If it wasn't for her sudden Madonna obsession, this entire theme would not have come about and Will would have to feed off of something else for a change. I applaud Sue for her constant hair jokes over Will. It is uncanny the way his hair is close to perfect everyday and sometimes wavy if that's the case. Sue hits the nail on the head, but it was truly a sad story regarding her hair. I was happy she was able to be open with others about her family life, giving some insight into the person Sue Sylvester was.

I am still having my issues with this Will and Emma relationship. I truly missed Terri here, to add the additional humor Will used to put up with. Emma obviously has feelings for Will and even if she made an adult decision the episode before, she still cannot change the way she feels. I believe that Will still has a lot to learn, especially since he gave in so easily to Emma's invitation, knowing full well she was moving based on the sudden sex craze that was going around. Emma is too polite to give into such desires, even now that Will is still married. Having his divorce papers process is no different, Will has a lot of growing up to do.

It's sad the way even Rachel was pulled into the sex crazed theme. I am really not liking her boyfriend lately. He is not only obnoxious, but completely full of himself and also needs a lesson in growing up "wanna do it", okay good way to turn a girl on right. I expected something better from Rachel, she seemed to give in to this guy so quickly and to have fallen for him the same way, that her judgment is clouded. I still can't believe Finn mentioned to Jesse, staying away from 'his woman or girl' as he put it across. Jesse has something p his sleeve and what a better way to keep a full eye o Glee, but to become a full fledged member.

Out of all the individuals that were going for the 'We need to have sex now otherwise' theme, Finn and Santana came off as a not so much shocker, but had the surprised element. I knew Emma would have second thoughts on going all the way, but I wasn't too certain about Rachel. I would like to know more about Santanna's story. She seems to be a particular individual, so what is her back story; parents, ex's, and was she always this character she represents. I believe that not everyone's story is told in full detail. We don't know much about Mercedes background, nor do we get a full glimpse on why Emma is the way she is.

I found it offensive on Emma's part to have Will come out and offer her help for her condition as though he didn't already love her for the way she is. It would have come off as sweet, had Will truly vested more time in loving the crazy persona that Emma portrays and then if up to her change to improve the physical elements of their relationship. I am still not into Emma and Will, but the couple they represent is not even trying to impress me. I still believe that Terri would be getting some more screen time. The musicality was exceptional. We explored random elements from Madonna, but that cheer leading routine went beyond words. The cheer leading life provides insight where 'Bring it on' and the sequels are concerns, but this is a fair element added, is this how they are doing it these days?

Sue manages to pull of the I am threatening the principal theme well. She wouldn't eat the entire cake yet and is treading lightly. Obviously blackmailing someone to play Madonna music all day surely goes beyond the blackmailing quality we imagined from Sue now that she has some interesting pictures. I am happy that Sue gave Mercedes and Kurt a chance, but this there more to that story?



Four Stars

Grade B-

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