Sunday, April 25, 2010

Castle: Season 2; Episode 20 'The Late Shaft' Review

Let's give a round of applause to Castle and New York Times best seller 'Heat Wave'. Who knew Castle was such a celebrity, that he would be on a Late Night Talk Show, hosted by none other than Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron as Bobby Mann. Although Bergerson's appearance was short lived, he presented an exceptional choice for a Late Talk Show Host and should also consider picking up his own show. Need not to mention that his book is scheduled to be screened in cinemas soon.I was only hoping that Elle Monroe was not going to be the one that played Beckett's role. It was almost deplorable the way Castle drooled over her and soon got into bed. Castle actually surprised, he has been tin the business long enough to know when he is being played.

Beckett was even kind enough to point out the signs Castle clearly wasn't picking up. I also don't care how much Beckett would deny it, she was so jealous of Castle's new relationship. Although she wore the calm well, her remark when Castle couldn't keep his arms from the famous Ms. Monroe, was evident.

Beckett: "Wow, the camera really does add ten pounds, to his ego."

I found it very interesting that Beckett would take even ten minutes out of her time to watch Castle on television. It seems as though she is always busy, yet Castle's late night rendezvous seemed important to her. This was probably why it was so difficult for Beckett to actually come forward with her real emotions. What was Castle thinking anyway? His actions even surprised me. I thought he was so hooked up on Beckett, that he couldn't go all the way long enough before Beckett came to his mind. I must acknowledge that Castle and Becket have no intimate relationship of that sort, so Castle would act on his inner desires, butt at the end of his thrill would it have all been worth it? Beckett did handle her part well.

Could you imagine someone whisper in your ear that someone is trying to kill them? Poor Castle, he probably felt helpless to do anything, and then to discover that Mann died the following day. It was convenient that Mann mentioned it so Castle could discovered the culprit (who starred in 'Back to You', one of my favorite comedies). This guy was the number one suspect from the beginning in my book; he was only on the sidelines on the show and he seemed to praise his 'best friend' a bit too much, without any real back story. A bit too transparent the diversions they threw our way until they revealed who was responsible.

Alexis and her mother had their small screen time this rounds again. It would be interesting if they built an episode entirely around Alexis and this school life of hers we have to fill in with our minds; get to meet some of her friends. She was also intuitive to realize that he father had an attraction to this Monroe character. Castle's mother was actually surprised that he hadn't proposed yet, and even though she was just joking, I am certain that represented the character Castle once portrayed before Beckett and it actually made me wonder about Alexis' mother. If Alexis only has Castle in her life as a biological parent, which comes off as a huge shocker that her mother is so reckless.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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