Sunday, April 25, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 18 'Day 8: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM' Review

Why did Jack have to be so predictable? Why is the writing so predictable? I knew from the moment Jack gave in to President Taylor demands of confinement, he wasn't going to go without a fight. The only reason he probably played it calm, was because his plan would have been a lot easier without having it done in handcuffs. Jack was still foolish to go against the President's demands, no matter how foolish he saw it. Does he really want a manhunt on his tab, as though he could easily elude an entire army on his back, but why expend so many for something so minor. The act of doing something bad for a good, only ends up being the first.

Here we have President Taylor willing to betray Hassan's wife for the sake of a treaty. I believe President Logan is up to something. He may not be able to reclaim his tarnished President's legacy, but he is surely striving for something. I want to find out who his contacts are and so should President Taylor. She is obviously trusting a man who had it out for himself, it is only likely that he would do the same, and what's up with his assistant? Ethan Kanin seems to be the most level headed ally and I don't believe he would be pleased with her decision to do a cover up. That reflects poorly on her leadership skills, especially since she protest to not giving in to threats and to doing the right thing. There is an underline story we are missing here.

I understand why Jack would seek vengeance, but this Dana Walsh thing is getting old. They still haven't addressed where she stands with Cole, or even how they met and planned tot get married. Did they go through the 'meeting the parents' stage? What about that strange call she made to a woman with a child in the earlies to inquire about Kevin, would she be making another appearance? What about the body she shoved in Hastings' office? Still there are many loop holes circling the hours of 24 and I am beginning to question whether all these events transpire within a day. I believe Jack brutally dealt with Dana in a ruthless way, I felt sorry for her, slightly. Cole should have shown a bit more compassion, but I believe after he helped her dump bodies earlier and is now questioning their relationship, he is probably spiteful.

I am still hopeful for better quality, but upon each hour another dragged on story emerges, one would soon get tired and look at their watch wondering how long again fifteen minutes into the series. Not much excitement this round.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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