Tuesday, May 11, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 19 - 20 'Day 8: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM' Review

These two hours grouped together unravels many plots, that no one would ever imagine possible. As the day grows, being in Bauer's shoes proves less and less desirable. I am still disappointed that they decided to take Renee's life, for the sake of Jack's vengeance. Couldn't they have put her in a stable condition, cause her to have a false alarm like Kanin. Renee and Bauer's story wasn't even well established. This intense emotion Bauer feels over Renee's death is understandable given the behind the curtain relationship, but was it the first time they got together? The pieces just don't add up to create this love story the writer feels the audience should appreciate.

The last time we saw Renee and Jack, Renee was wishing Jack farewell as he went to get treatment in a hospital. That's just the thing, Jack's condition was rushed through. Has he fully recovered, are there any side-effects? I know this is the narrative version of a typical series, but simple gestures could shed some light and add more validity to a plot that we can buy. 24 in effect has lost its edge slightly. The suspense has proven more predictable and the characters; unlikeable. I really cannot figure out Dana Walsh, or why the Russians would still keep her alive, therefore implicating themselves in the process. After Walsh served no purpose, they should have sent the crazy Russian guy with the rifle that killed Renee, to cover up their tracks.

Now we have a crazed President Logan carrying the evil laugh mentality, he obviously has his own agenda, but why? Why bother at all to be a part of something he was put to shame for? Does he believe a simple good dead would erase his past mistakes? He must be truly lonely, because there is now mention of his ex, Martha, or even a mention of a significant other. President Logan's reputation is severely tarnished and the only connections he has managed to maintain are those that play the dirty field. I am appalled as to why President Taylor would even subject to his crazy whims. He acts more like a lad still on the verge of puberty, yet isn't and has to take the role of a grown man, which proves great difficulty.

President Taylor is losing her edge, and Kanin sees it. His resignation was slightly unexpected though, I'd hoped he would stick around to act as a moral compass, now she has no real objectivity in her decisions and is following through with Logan's dirty politics. She would succumb to her very own selfish whims, to facilitate Bauer's manhunt, the same man responsible for saving her life and his country several times over. Sure Bauer has gone a little nuts, but that doesn't change what he did in the past. I always admired President Taylor for her modesty, sincerity and geniality, but she has lost sight of over all of the above.

What kind of torture were Logan's guys subjecting Walsh to. Somehow, it made no sense to see her be tortured like that, sort have brought on a yawn in the mix. The writers have lost their creative touch and someone should be persecuted due to the amount of abuse Walsh endured, during the last few hours. It's amazing how she didn't suffer a concussion when Jack badgered her head on the table in the holding room. Then to have these guys attempt to stifle her in the process, all for what. Information is power, but Walsh still didn't come off as the type to work with the enemy. I somehow wondered whether she was being sincere when she told Ortiz that she loved him. If she were a true spy, why would she spend time falling for another guy? Why would she spend any time away from doing her job, was it all for appearances?

I am still disappointed that they did not even find the dead parole officer Walsh hid in Hastings' office. How long should it take before that is revealed, at least for Chloe to acknowledge a strange smell coming from her office. Walsh's death in the end was truly terrible to watch. Why bother Jack, why bother at all? His rage has taken a piece out of his judgment. This rage that suddenly gives him the urge to shoot everyone one that ever spoke, interacted or had any dealings with the Russians, all for the sake of Renee who, when not too long along wanted to give her some space. Oh Jack, you truly disappoint me.


Grading scheme for both...


Two Stars

Grade D-

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