Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 20 'Hostage' Review

The Red Queen; where did Martha find the time to create such a risky villainess. Exploring Martha's history, it's been rough. Clark, although she would not admit it has brought a lot of happiness and sadness into her life. Who knew whether Johnathan would be growing old with Martha or everyone else would have normal lives, whether Smallville would remain the ever so normal town. Martha has sacrificed a lot for Clark's happiness and we all know how much she loves Clark.

Perry White is a character strongly associated with all the comics. I recognized his name, being a fan of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. This was a new twist to the storyline, as White is introduced so early in the plot, as was Clark's career at The Daily Planet. White, is the Editor and Chief at the Daily Planet, at least he should be, which I found humorous that the writers chose to place him as Martha's boyfriend. I don't believe that Martha loves White, especially since she is not over Johnathan. The most heartbreaking scene was watching Martha crave for on last moment with her husband, while watching Perry where Johnathon's jacket.

That jacket was symbolic of so many things; a broken heart, death and life, love and desperation and a son that still held on to memories of his father. Which made that particular scene almost depressing. Clark obviously showed no love for his future boss(?) (still wouldn't know how the writers would construct Perry into the storyline; a regular cast?). At least Clark was not the cliched son who resented the notion that his mother would see anyone else but her husband. That was probably because Clark accepted the fact that Martha was still in love with his father and White posed no threat. I did find it disturbing that when White made his first appearance he suggested to Martha that he would have been getting some action, which poses some serious questions, which were not acknowledged.

As we drifted from the Lois and Clark breakup with good reason, I just don't understand why this couple have been fighting so much lately. Clark refuses to let Lois in, even if it means frustrating her completely. Lois has lost her job from The Daily Planet, but Clark isn't the least bit worried. If anyone would remove the hero complex of Clark that the audience is aware of and replace that with the plain Joe Lois sees on a regular, Clark would come off a s a jerk. Clark's communication skills are lacking, and if he were to continue lying to Lois, or keeping the truth from her, their relationship would not be able to last. How does Clark expect to carry on an open relationship, when he is as open as a closed book?

I understand where Lois comes from and she could have easily told Martha the truth earlier in the game, without subjecting herself to a family dinner. Clark himself after being so persistent on leaving could have left well enough alone and assisted Chloe with her rendezvous. The Book of Rau poses some great questions as everyone has motive to look for it. It poses a great threat to the Kandorians, which made me curious as to how Lois and White had such strong leads on the all powerful book.

I was astonished the way Faora's sister still gave information to Clark without even a fight. I remember when she had a crush on Clark not too long ago, and Clark did save her life, subconsciously she doubted Clark's ability to take her sister's life. Another part of her held allegiance to Zod who made it his goal to destroy anyone that came in his path, Checkmate included. She sure enough led Clark to Tess, and after Zod destroyed Checkmate, the Kandorians held the upper hand on everything needed over dominating mankind. Why would Faora's sister help Clark anyway, even if he figured out that it was his own mother as the Red Queen and that she was the crowned owner of the Book of Rau.

How did Tess find herself mixed up in all the combustion, if Faora's sister knew of Tess' motives, it only meant that Zod knew as well. I wonder where Watchtower stands now after Chloe showed the impressive skills of bringing it back to a tolerable capacity? What about Checkmate even? I am almost certain the finale would provide us with the answers needed to survive, or would probably leave us with a bunch of cliffhangers to decipher over. Still I hope this isn't the last we see Martha Kent, Clark needs some parenting in his life and not the Jor-El training type either.



Three and a half Stars

Grade B-

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