Monday, May 17, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 20 'Salvation' Review

Lois: "How could a guy who kept a journal in High School ever hurt anyone?"

Really Lois, kind of too trusting there.

After some speculation, Smallville's tenth season has been confirmed as the last. I remember reading some spoilers on the possibility that our long-running superman affiliated fan-series, would meet it's end, and I was in denial for a long time until it was officially confirmed. I actually anticipated that this series would have a longer run, but it was a huge leap. Which means that my excuse to stare at Tom Welling and secretly admire him through my television screen in hope that we would meet in real life, well, would probably have to take a rain check for a while. At least I would miss this series as it being the reason for fans to be so Superman oriented, with comic book terms and technical phrases which only the fans would know. Smallville has grown with each character, from season one till now. It would be missed, but for now we would watch this final season, which given that season nine finally, might have an overall turnaround.

The Book of Rau was the driving force for each and every character in this episode. Everyone had something to do with Zod, Kal-El and with the hope of saving the world, or even the future. This Finale left us with three cliffhangers; Tess' death and her suspicious knitting visitor, Green Arrow/Oliver's capture, and Clark's sacrifice, at an uncertain outcome. The final begs the question, will Clark survive the blue Kryptonite stab would before he hits the ground? Nothing is written in stone, and the writers would not get rid of a main character. Or in other words, Kal-El would not meet his fate with a stab wound, his destiny as Superman is too grand.

I could go in great detail about what I thought about this finale, to sum it up, it was a good episode. I may have not completely loved how Zod left, but Clark's plunge was a cliffhanger which surely had me in awe. Oh wait, but I forgot another cliffhanger, Clark finally revealed to Lois that he was 'The Blur'. There are many loose ends the writers left us clinging on to. Lets just hope that the next season is able to deliver beyond anything we've ever seen. In the past Smallville managed to focus on insignificant plots using episodes to deliver fifteen minute story-lines. Clark has grown up from the boy we knew him to be, and his decision making has matured. Lois is officially his first real relationship as a responsible adult. Clark's battles in the past are minuscule, compared to the battles he has to face now.

I don''t know how the writers would pull Clark from his plunge, whether they would find another superhero to pull him out before he falls, or even have him fall and succumb to his injuries in a hospital, then to have him heel when he is rid of the blue Kyrptonite. However the writers choose to do it, the only thing I would not be too okay with was an 'It was all a dream' or even 'Let's go back to the past and change things'. Although the latter would have its complications. If Clark does end up falling, I wonder if the writers would use that to make Lois believe Clark is human after all and leave her confused about the Blur, who kisses like her boyfriend. I hope not! Clark better be honest from now on, with one season left, all we need is a solid storyline and a decent ender, that would put the cherry on top.

What was up with the future scene in the beginning of the episode? Is this what we are to expect for the next season; The Blur with his legendary cape, Lois with glasses and a Perry White for 'The Daily Planet'? You know I forgot to look for a ring on Lois' finger, one can dream. Still I am sure fans smiled when they saw the cape, especially since presently Martha left Clark with a parting gift and a new addition to the wardrobe. The question is, how would Clark hide his identity? Would he forever remain in the shadows? Does the outfit come with a mask?

As for Chloe and Oliver's love story, we all saw it coming. If the last words between this couple were to be that of love, that's would surely place a wound in the heart, an Chloe would have lost yet another person that stole her heart. Although it's believed that Oliver survived whatever attack that came his way. My first suspicions were also the Kandorians when he put a satellite feed back on, but to learn that it was another organization. Could it be his allies in superhero victory, Black Canary or was it Watchtower?

All I know is that the Zod and Clark fight scenes where very interesting, actually better that Clark and Doomsday final scene. They punches were a bit edgy with the blood squirting out the mouth and then the slow-motion run to catch Lois before she crashed into the phone booth glass. The irony had Lois completely trashed the phone booth with her fall, the same place where she fell for the blur. I was disappointed in Lois for the while, but I tried to be objective. Clark didn't really give Lois a code name of some sort to recognize that it was the Blur she was speaking to, so Zod came off more believable as the Blur. Even if she had her doubts, Clark as the enemy only comes off as laughable to the fullest. He has his moments and Zod would have done anything to get the Book of Rau. He clearly didn't think things through when he gutted Clark, or even before when he incriminated himself. I guess all that's happening to Zod would be repercussions of what he did to Tess.

Poor Tess, even with her dying words she wanted to do good; just to save mankind. Tess went out without having true love in her heart, besides her passion. She didn't even have Oliver's love. Zod brutally torched her, it's a wonder she survived at all, as though he wanted her to suffer. Does Tess have family? Who was the strange woman knitting outside her hospital door, and went in only after they called her death? Very suspicious, would Watchtower have anything to do with that? Or was it even a woman?

At least we wait in anticipation for the next run, a bit sad knowing it would be the last season. Still we could enjoy it to the fullest and hope the writers give us an epic season to remember. Hopefully someone would pick up a sequel say 'Metropolis'?



Four and a half Stars

Grade A-

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