Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 20 'Red All Over' Review

Lisbon: "I understand it's a compulsion you're not fully in control of, but I wish you would try. It would make our work a lot easier if you did, try."

Go Lisbon for trying to get Jane to settle down his obnoxious side and show a little attempt, good attempt I should say.

Jane: "Did you see that"
Lisbon: "What"
Jane: "Right outside that window, it's a pink unicorn. Amazing!"
Lisbon: "Now you're hallucinating"
Jane: "No, no, no look it's right outside the window, seriously look it's a unicorn!"
Little Girl (Ashley Herrington): "I want to see!"

For a moment I almost agreed with Lisbon on the hallucinating part, or a smack on Jane's head for trying to pull a stunt on Lisbon. That girl definitely came out of no where, at one point I wondered what was her role in everything, since she was placed as a focal character. That scene between her and Lisbon was a burden to watch, fingers crossed them, dealing with the bomb and trying to pull Ashley away to safety. How many of us shouted, 'just get out of there Lisbon!' or even 'Come on, just crawl under there, grab her by the foot and get out!'. Most of us would agree with Jane 'Bad Girl' Lisbon, for trying to disarm a bomb when she had no real clue what she was doing.

I have to admit, that look in Jane's eyes when he waited in hope to hear Lisbon's voice was priceless. It was not as though he heard a huge explosion and the sound of a busy tone either, so Lisbon would have done something, but what? Boy oh boy did Lisbon take a huge risk, but she was rewarded to the fullest in the end. Her selfless actions gave her good recognition, to get Hightower off of her back for once. Lisbon seems to really respect Hightower as well, even though she goes all the way to stick up for Jane, she also holds a decent respectful tone to those in charge; a quality Jane seems to lack.

It's a sure goo thing Hightower views Jane's skills as helpful, because if Jane ended up on the wrong end, Hightower would personally see that Jane was removed from the unit. Hightower like seeing people have fear instilled in them when she passes. Her authoritative figure gives her a little rush whenever she sees someone quiver in front of her. So far Jane has proven to be a challenge in that area, which is probably why she likes him so much, but it is an even bigger challenge to keep Jane in check while he gets the necessary results. I still don't know Hightower's story, which i hope the writers would explain later down in the plot.

What about Van Pelt and Rigsby? Where do they stand as a couple? I doubt it would be easy for them to move on from each other. I expect that the writers would place another love interest in the mile to cause conflict, because their relationship is unresolved. They admitted to loving each other, which meant that it was serious. I still don't understand this rule, I believe Hightower, although I doubt she would, but she should change, or more adjust the concept of the rule against dating coworkers. 'If coworkers were to get involved, you would have to consider these conditions a, b, c...' something like that. The heart wants what it wants, and a mere separation would not change things. When Hightower suggested Van Pelt go on an assignment with Rigsby, I saw the sad expression on Grace's face, as though it would have been awkward for her, even though it really wasn't. I believe she just felt intimidated by Hightower's remark then.

The opening scene was the most overwhelming graphic scenes of presenting a case to be solved. What a terrible way to see someone go right in the middle of a party. The grandfather acted pretty calm in the beginning after being revealed as the killer in the end, must have been a cold moment for him. HE must have known that if he survived an attack, he would have named him as the person responsible, so why be so kind in welcoming him to incriminate himself? That's a mystery, but the scenario Jane set up around the granddaughter seeing the entire murder was apparently a terrible move on Jane's part that made him get a slap in return.

So this was the typical, stepmother sleeping with the son of her husband and the husband who kills his son because of the illustrious affair, theme. Rarely have those moments, but it is a shame that a father would take his own son's life because of it, more like the wrong son. The other son, who proved to be more the downer in his father's eyes and being the one sleeping with his father's wife, well poor lighting in his father's eyes may have earned him his life. Just a poor case in judgement on his part.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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