Thursday, May 20, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 19 'Dream on' Review

We all have our dreams, something that fills us up and give us that drive to keep traveling down that road, even if we are uncertain where it would lead us. For those without their dreams, that takes them down a dismal path that seems unending. Rachel had her dream, she uses her voice because she knows the potential she has within her. She goes wherever her voice carried her, which is why in 'Laryngitis', when she lost her voiced, it was almost as though her dream was slipping away. It took Finn to show her that there are more things worth living for, and that even when one dream ends, another one begins, or simply our dreams may take a completely different direction.

This time around, Rachel's dream also embraced another, the dream of finding out who her mother was. This episode was truly moving. I always wondered where were the parents in Rachel life, that gave her advice and guidance. At first when Jesse came back into Rachel's life I saw how much Rachel loved him, and truly hurt to know that it would all be a sham and that Rachel would get her heart broken. I actually despised Jesse even more, he could have easily seen that beyond Rachel's compulsive moments, she has a sensitive heart. She is used to getting slushies thrown in her face and being labeled as the outcast based on what she's good at, but Rachel keeps climbing heights non-the-less, but I was afraid that Jesse would steel the ladder right up from under her.

This whole time we were led on to believe that Jesse was using her to get close to the Glee Club, but we didn't ever point out how much Rachel resembled Shelby. We only saw Shelby as the enemy, using an innocent girl to achieve her bidding, probably get into Schuester's head in the process. The writers did a good job at distracting me at least, I kept wondering why Jesse would come back just to be with Rachel again. t defeated the entire purpose, but being the puppet responsible for bringing a child back to her mother, seemed so unexpected and selfless. It showed that even though Jess used his manipulations to get close to Rachel, his intention were sincere. Still that does not make things right, and I only hope Rachel does not end up despising Shelby for it.

Jesse: "She wanted you to hear this"
Rachel: "What if she's singing on the tape, what if she's terrible or worse what if she's better than me!"

It only took Rachel to pull of a line like that, and through the humor of it, I kept wondering the significance of this tape. Immediately the concept of a stolen routine concept bounced around in my head, but the 'I dreamed a dream' rendition of a mother speaking to her child, was beyond what I expected. The harmony and chemistry between Lea Michele and Idina Menzel was impeccable. Their harmony brought chills, it truly enhance their acting skills as well to deliver such depth in their emotion. Rachel was determined against listening to that tape, at one point I thought Jesse would shove it down her throat, but it impacted differently than I thought it would. At least Jesse still came off on a good note.

This episode went beyond the Rachel and her mother theme, we also dealt with Will's high school competition Bryan Ryan. They made Will over well, he really wore an Urkel look back in the day. I would have appreciate seeing how Terri would have looked back then as well. It passed over well given the focus was on Will and Bryan, it also didn't hurt that Bryan had a crush on Terri. Wouldn't it be interesting if Bryan were to guest star again as Terri's date? What impact would that have on Will to have Terri move on and become a new woman? Anyway, Ryan and and Will's duet of 'Dream On' was really interesting, especially that surprising high pitched ender by Bryan. Who knew the boys had it in them.

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Will was rather angry in this episode, of course he had reason to be, but his anger transcended the character. Will is very passionate about his anger, solely because when he is angry, it consumes him. I honestly don't like him for it, I always remember how angry he was when he left Terri, not a pretty image to have in your head. Still Ryan had always been the competition for Will in the past, he must have felt better having the tables turn, after he got the part. It was also strange that after they sang their duet in front of the casting director, he just blurts "Thank you, we'll let you know". I expected a jaw dropper, they certainly out performed themselves and it was worth more than a 'we'll let you know'. I also thought Ryan deserved more than a 'Hallelujah' part based on how he sang. Although for that speech he gave to the Glee Club about giving up on their dreams by throwing it in the trash, made him worthy of that one liner.

Surprisingly this round we had a little less of Sue; very horrible on the Sue and Ryan union, but transparent a Sue does nothing selfless, except when it deals with her sister, and absolutely there were no Brittany lines. The focus was more on Artie and Tina; two characters who should have more screen time. Artie's story was very sensitive, and it's a shame that Emma couldn't do more to help him. That scene where Tina went to get a bagel and Artie stood up suddenly was too dreamlike to resemble the reality of the situation, I really felt sorry for him. What was even more depressing, was the scene where he tries to walk and is left on the floor, truly heartbreaking. Artie did show honor and maturity at the end, when he admitted to himself the reality of the situation. He knew his dream was elsewhere, that didn't mean he should sulk, but find his dream through his voice and who knows what would happen for his future. Also, Quinn's sensitive side was represented her on a sincere level, when she touched Artie, to comfort him in the final scene. Quinn is learning herself what compassion is about, which means she could make a good mother.

As for dreams in total, it can only be accomplished when put into action. We realize what our dreams are through our passions and what fills our heart up. So, Dream On indeed.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B+

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