Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 21 ' 18-5-4' Review

This was an unusual start to a 'The Mentalist' episode. At one point I wondered whether or not I had the right show on, getting ready to adjust the remote until Jane and Lisbon presented their familiar faces. Yeah, what was with the clowns? Did they just want to get a laugh out of us? I guess it worked when one of them came on to Van Pelt.

How sick would a wife be for killing her husband for the money? Of course this is not the first story we have heard, but it was truly heart rendering when the wife was revealed as the one responsible for her husband's murder. Pretty well planned out as well; she dressed up as a clown, butchered him, then cut off his finger as a somewhat key to an already tarnished treasure. There was obviously no love there, from the beginning to the end. Even though she testified to marrying the 'geek' after all her friends teased her, it is now apparent that she married the 'geek', because she believed one day he would be smart enough to create a wealthy plan. Sad Really.

What really drives a person to be so cold, the money? Jane has been going head to head with the CBI for moths perhaps, so what is his drive. There has been no apparent update with regards to the 'Red John' case. The writers have deliberately chosen to keep that topic away from the audience for a good while, but why? Are they waiting for the right moment to drop the shoe on us. I always had a feeling Hightower's sudden appearance would impact on the outcome of that sensitive case to Jane. Hightower has proven herself worthy to the unit; hardcore, yet a decent ally. At least there is more to that story.

This entire episode was a money, high-tech game of merry-go-round. Jane set the odds against him by ruining the hacking machine, but what good would court do Jane? Has he paid off his last debt? Jane has moved in such a way that he comes off selfless and fearless all the same. Yet when it comes to home and Lisbon is close to his heart, he softens. This has been apparent recently, but how much time does Jane spend lying down in that couch of his? Remember when he helped Lisbon find the bomb from pure memory last episode? He was on the couch then, it seems as though when things are slow in the office, he just sits back and relaxes as though he didn't have one worry in the world. I can't believe how sympathetic Lisbon is to Jane, I mean she lets anything slide when it comes to his remarks and sudden twists in emotions.

Lisbon's relationship with Jane is an understandable one, and she has in her own self grown to love Jane, which is why she understands him so well. Hightower on the other hand wants to have Jane on a leash, at the same time watch him while he does his tricks and gets the job done. I am now curious into Van Pelt and Rigsby, they obviously treat each other like high school crushes, still emotionally involved. After falling for someone, it's kind of hard to tell yourself to turn away and pretend as though they have no feelings and the 'I love you's' to go away. Who knows? Chop it up to Jane for playing a game verbally, who won again? Oh yeah, go Jane, please don't break anything else.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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