Thursday, May 20, 2010

24: Season 8 Episode 22 'Day 8: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM' Review

24 had us on a roller coaster toss around this season, pushing in a few messy ingredients of crazy story lines, with the additional touch of plot that would guarantee a head spin. I believe I lost track of 24 the moment Jack was tortured by the Russians and over turned them. What I admired mostly about 24 in the earlier seasons, was the slow development needed for each character and the less villains to despise or even be impressed by for their dubious approach. Nothing really makes sense any more as 24 rushes through plots and drives their audience crazy for the many characters to keep up with. I think I would have appreciated this season more had Jack not turned the Russian so easily, and had the writers taken the time to draw out that story a bit more believable, but this is what we have to work with.

The wild-card they used was Renee's death to fuel Jack's vendetta for revenge. Other than that there wasn't much of a rational for Jack to go berserk killing anything in his path. It would have been creative had the writers brought up his condition from last season to slow him down, rather than having him tortured an bruised. I can say this much, when Jack went in search of Logan, that was strictly bad ass, which the writers were probably gunning for. The reveal of the man in armor, undefeated and ready for war, was the thrill most viewers were waiting for, but was it enough. TO hear Logan whine like a baby was surely worth it. Sly but coward and the switch to the coward, well scored a few laugh at his character to cry like a baby "That's Jack Bauer!" or even to spice up the moment with "Kill Him!". Why didn't he just run out the vehicle and grab himself a get away car or even surrender himself knowing how good Jack was. I guess Jack would not have been able to use his tear gas and have Logan squirm out like the rat he made himself out to be.

Still I lost interest in the entire plot soon enough. Logan came out of no where trying to be the solution to the President's problem. President Taylor on the other hand disappointed me more this season. Nearing the finale, things don't seem to look up for any character. Chloe still feels obligated to Jack through friendship, and Jack has clearly lost his mind for a love we didn't get enough time to appreciate. His actions are backed up by a rage we don't understand, we wonder whether he has his granddaughter in mind or even Kim when he kills his way to his own death.

As much as we didn't get to know Meredith, she proves to be a sincere character. It would have been worth it had she turned out to be the villain in place of Dana and all the other pointless ones. Wait! Did they manage to find the body Dana shoved in Hastings' office. In all the hustle and bustle 24 should find a way to tie up these loose ends, otherwise we would be in for a messy series finale.

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Three Stars

Grade C-

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