Tuesday, May 11, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 21 'Day 8: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM' Review

Did Jack need to take Dana Walsh's life? Was it really necessary? Her life was pathetic already, you have to admit, always getting shoved around and beaten up like a punching back, it came to a point where I just felt sorry for her. Still couldn't the writers find another way to get her out of the picture. A jump into deep pool with the uncertainty of her survival, a sudden leap to her death, but no body found. Come on writers were is the suspense! So who is going to take the wrap for Kevin and his friend's murder? Cole? He could barely speak two words without regret, and now the evidence Jack discovered showed Cole that Dana sincerely loved him, and was willing to surpass the traitor motto, to be with him.

I am not sure whether I like how far off track 24 has delivered these plots. The constant loopholes are still evident; the body Walsh stuck in Hastings office without recognition or subtle mention even now, the previous president Logan's absurd hold over President Taylor, Renee's sudden death and Kanin's recovery, Jack on the run again, they all don't add up. I believe that this day should have been shorter, and had the ended it earlier when they captured the first Russian on Renee's behalf, I would have been okay with that. Unfortunately we still have to tolerate a merry-go-round of events until this day is over.

Jack is now working with an old friend who can get him all the goods to facilitate his run-around. All that's well and good, but where does this reporter come in? I knew we would see her face again, but I thought the writers would reveal that she id have a part to play in Hassan's assassination plot. I still didn't buy that she was the outside woman on that end, without an ulterior motive. Jack contacted her with the full intention that others would be listening. At first I knew Jack wouldn't play it that safe without a plan, but when he walked into the shopping place to meet the reporter, I thought he was nuts, right up until his partner in crime caught the Russian off guard and Jack began skilfully avoiding the cameras.

I still had a lot of questions as to how CTU lost Jack, was he really that good and didn't they have other guards at all exits? Pretty reckless security. It would have been a huge advantage if someone figured out Jack's plan before hand, but to have Jack still escape. The shoot-out in the mall was skillful, but the risk was pretty weak as well. I don't know what these few moments are lacking, but there seems to be a void. Jack leaves with the same Russian responsible for Renee's death, accuses him of making him suffer for Renee's death after possibly having a clear shot on Jack. Not that we didn't see how upset the Russian was when he couldn't shoot Jack in the first place, and the many shots afterward. Still Jack took too much pleasure in torturing this guy mercilessly and taking his life to gut out a digested SIM card. The torture scenes are cold lately, first Dana, now this guy, and I did not like the new Jack that seemed to be so relentless with his actions.

For the first time, we gain some insight into previous president Logan's true intentions. He wants tot be recognized, he wants his tarnished President imagine to be replaced with honor and integrity, but no matter how hard he tries, his ingenuity would always shine. He is too full of himself, really. Did he really think that a simple acknowledgment from the Presidential staff with respect to the treaty, would suddenly wipe his criminal slate clean. He is sadly misleading himself if he believes that he would get more than a shrub of recognition. President Taylor had to force a whisper of gratitude, especially since she now has her hands dirty.

I believe if everyone were honest with Mrs. Hassan and given the Russians' the publicity of their actions, the Peace Agreement could stand strong. Everyone would have won and Mrs. Hassan would have had her revenge, and now her anger falls on President Taylor for this messy cover up, which is bound to be blown out of proportion. President Taylor needs counsel and since Kanin gave in his resignation, she has no one. It would have been courteous on Kanin's part had he brought the President's ex-husband into counsel her. She might not listen to Kanin but her ex should be able to bring things into perspective for her. We don't really know where Taylor stands with her family, but now would have been a good time to acknowledge what happened to Olivia, I am certainly curious.

Everything else seems unnecessary. The hours are dragging on and on, so for the sake of me just tolerating two more characters again, this run around needs to end.



Two and a half Stars

Grade D

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