Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 17 'Bad Reputation' Review

Why didn't anyone suspect Quinn for being placed at the top of the list? Sure everyone else had motive, but Quinn obviously put her name on the top. She thinks very highly of herself as well, or would probably try anything to get noticed. Even the writers have scripted Quin in a way that gives her little screen time, so the audience feels the tension as well. When was the last time Quinn had her own solo?

Quinn was not the only one who felt like an outcast. What got into Rachel well enough for her bring 'slut' into her music. Although I believed the video was odd, I still thought Rachel was being unfair to the others she mislead. These three guys in her life are all that circulate her. Finn has his feelings he openly admits to her, her boyfriend, even though his intentions are questionable, he still carries the boyfriend label and Puck just wants to well go beyond the friendship zone with Rachel. In total, her video only came back to bite her in the as*.

I didn't like Jesse's excuse for breaking up with Rachel. I believed he didn't show much hurt, but more relief. We all know as an audience Jesse's intention, so does this give him the actual zeal for him to remain a part of Glee without having to play a part of Rachel's life. We haven't even gotten his true perception of his relationship with Rachel; whether or not it is sincere. I believe that Finn would be the first to forgive her, Puck probably was probably upset with his bruised ego.

Emma frankly surprised me here. She stood up for her morals and set the record straight with Will. If Sue hadn't bugged Will's place; under his bed and elsewhere, who knew how else Emma would have found out about his illicit affairs, will he or won't he go all the way. i can't believe that Emma is going through therapy to control her obsessive compulsions, but she surely tole Will off. The sound choices this time didn't leave an impact. Sue's video with Olivia Newton John, came off as a shocker, but brought on a lot of laughter with it. Sue was a bit misguided in her tendencies, brings forward her soft side. Sue's bond with her sister makes her more human than we actually thought she could be. It's funny that Will couldn't see that side to her, maybe he would be more understanding of confused to the character she brings to school.



Three Stars

Grade C+

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