Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 21 'War' Review

War, why war at all? One thing I appreciate about Private Practice, is their ability to create the most unthinkable and possibly unlikeable story lines and make music with it. I always believed that I would find Pete's sudden fatherhood a bit cheesy, but he surpassed my doubt within him. Pete has proven himself to be a good father, and I believed Violet rushed into court to fast. She should have taken things slow first. As a mother, that's not much to ask, but she cannot expect that saying she is ready to be a mother, would mean that she is. What Pete is probably afraid of, is that Violet would fall whim to her past behavioral tendencies and leave Lucas. I believe that Pete is afraid of losing Violet and probably himself in the process.

Addison mentioned that Pete loved Violet, which came ff as a shocker to me at first, because went though Violet and Pete started on the physical side, things between them did become emotional, besides the fact that they were friends first. I admired the writers' ability to convey each storyline in a split framework, as though they were telling a story from different angles until the pieces came together. We open with Addison and Violet awkwardly sharing a moment in the restroom together, then Addison on the stand testifying against Violet and Violet getting ready to go to court. We, as the audience figure out how these pieces fit together and eventually we understand why Violet is upset with Cooper, and what was actually said in his testimony. Sure Cooper admitted that Violet was an unfit mother, but is 'unfit' the right word, and did Cooper deserve that slap.

Even though Violet was ready to be a mother, she still needed time to heal. You can't just rip off the plaster and expect the wound to go away, it would still be there, and you would still have to take care of it and probably put a new plaster on it for the time being. Pete understood that, but I believed that he was being a bit obnoxious in the process, as though the case for him was selfish and of his own agenda. Although I did like his lawyer, she knew her way around the courtroom very well, being a fan of 'lawyer themed' series myself. So this courtroom appeal was a bit of a relief from the constant medical sob stories they keep throwing or way. I was not too happy with the way Violet spoke to Addison, as though she was out to get her. It was amazing how something simple, turned into a huge mess of a story.

Poor Lucas, while he's probably at home sleeping, his parents are battling over him in a courtroom, out for blood as the case may be. Addison was the only neutral one, I honestly believed that she didn't see Violet as ready to take on the responsibility of a mother, but it was not her call to make. Addison seemed to be solely interested in Lucas, I mean really couldn't they have talked things out instead. Look at what the inability to communicate cost these relationships. I believe even Naomi's surprise visit was well executed by the writers, and it is nice to see that her relationship with Sam is still open tot communication.

Addison and Naomi on the other hand should talk things out and be adults about the situation. Even if Sam and Addison developed something for each other, there is nothing really she can do to prevent an emotional relationship from happening. She shouldn't be completely okay with her best friend and her ex, for the mere fact that she is human, but ignoring it would only put a damper on all her relationship. Surprisingly, she was the only person that really came true for Violet in the end, but a lot of good that did for her, Pete still wounded up getting custody. I believe Pete was angry, but I don't believe he didn't love Violet when she asked him, he just couldn't trust her.



Four and half Stars

Grade A-

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