Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 22 'Red Letter ' Review

We welcome back the psychic Kristina, after a long while. She surprised me the last time she worked alongside the CBI, based on the impact she had over Jane. She was actually the only one that he allowed to get through the shell surrounding his family. She literally brought tears of sorrow to Jane's eyes, so her presence would have a similar emotional effect on him. I sensed a deep connection between them, and even though I have been holding out hope for Jane and Lisbon, I am not too disappointed that he is showing his true feelings for someone outside his sly remarks. Did we hear right in the end? Did Jane ask someone out on a date (cup of coffee, same thing)? I don't know where it would lead or whether the writers would encourage anything more, but Jane needs some bonding time. He spends his entire life wrapped up in cases, that he barely finds time to himself, I am sure Jane is very lonely and hurting.

What surprised me here, was that even though Kristina gave some insight into Jane's family they last time they met, he still did not believe her psychic abilities. He kept second guessing her approaches, replacing it with his method of guess work and practicality. Every inch of enlightenment Kristina unfolds, Jane has his theory to back it up, just so it would make sense to him. He once pretended to be a psychic based on his guess work, so Kristina assumes the very same role he was in years ago. Nothing would get Jane to believe anything otherwise. I believe subconsciously Jane wants to believe it, but he is so full of himself to actually be practical of the things she discovers without his help. Maybe he views her as the competition.

This case actually brought on new prospects of a father who didn't truly know who his daughter was, and a man taking advantage of that naivety. In the beginning of this episode I assumed the them would be about wealth and power, at least I had the speech part right. This guy sends his assistant to ensure that the head of the non-profit organization makes it to his podium safely. He gets a call and goes hurriedly in another way while she waited on him, I kept saying, why didn't she just follow him, or at least find out where he was going? He could have been leaving out the back entrance for all she knew, and she would have been standing waiting in vein. At least I thought her boss did it as well. Much to my surprise it turned out to be a crime of manipulation based on that guy who guest stars on 'Bones' on occasions. A completely different character.

Still there was no curiosity on Lisbon's part when it came to Jane's connection with Kristina. I admire how respectable as a leader Lisbon is and yet we haven't really discovered whether she has a special person in her life. Where does she stand with Jane? Or for a better question, where does Jane stand with her? Cheers to Jane also for almost getting hit again. Is it something that feeds his drive for him getting himself on everyone's bad-side.

At least the culprit got the smack down of the day, and blood was spilled as Kristina said. Based on pure luck as Jane led on? Who knows. I thought it a bit offensive when Jane tried to use Kristina's session to discover the villain, just like what he did the last time. Kristina would have compensated for Jane's actions, which is why she allowed it. I believe she truly likes him, working with him has put an interesting spin on how things are done, at least she gets the job done like Jane does. I would however like to know her story, at least what got her involved into helping the cops find the bad guys. Does she have a past like Jane does?



Four Stars

Grade B+

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