Monday, May 17, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 18 'Laryngitis' Review

Puck shaves his Mohawk, which puts everyone in awe at school, but as he enters the Glee club;

Brittany: "Who is that guy?"

Brittany has transformed her character in such a way that makes her all the more enjoyable to watch. It amazes me that she had an attraction to Kurt. It's almost as if she couldn't really care much, although they did look kind of cute together. We all know that Kurt transition was to impress his father, by becoming the boy or man he always wanted, which is also a conflicting storyline presented by the writers. They are approaching Kurt's storyline in small doses, but it was inevitable from the day where his crush was not on Rachel.

The title revealed what this episode would be about, the question was then; who would lose their voice? Rachel and her voice are what carried Glee straight through. It came to the point where Will would only cast Rachel as the lead. This has been evident as Rachel point out, till she decided to pay someone to double check herself when it came to warm ups. Hilarious scene, but that really puts a strain on someone's voice if they are the only ones doing the the singing.

I felt compassion for Rachel on the other hand, the fact that she believed she would be nothing without her voice really hit home. It was also surprising that the only one willing to take Rachel to the doctor was Finn, an he was the only one that went out of his way to convince her of her self worth. Where are Rachel's parents throughout these troubling moments in her life. I think back to the amount of guys she was allowed up in her room without any parental supervision. How are they okay with the amount of action Rachel is or is not getting? What about as her support system, are they too preoccupied, or have the writers deliberately left that up to us?

Finn's friend that was the moving moral for Rachel to man up and grow a pair. His story was very sensitive and I appreciated the bond Rachel shared with him in the end. Even the song they sang together was beautiful. It actually made me look at Finn differently as well. Fin has a sift heart and his feelings for Rachel re still there; we know he cares for her. Rachel may come off as overly enthusiastic and odd at times, but Finn understands her, probably better than anyone in Glee.

For once in a long time, the writers let us in on where Quinn is staying. She is bunking with Puck for the while, but its obvious that her relationship with Puck is not serious. It's sad that Quinn doesn't have that family support in her life. Funny enough, had Terri's plan not backfired, I'm sure she would have taken her in. Quinn, at her age, needs a support system and had she been honest with Finn from the beginning maybe things would have mellowed and he would have found it in his heart to forgive her. I still think back to how horrible she treated Finn, when he was willing to do almost anything to support who he believed was his child. We haven't really had a scene between Quinn and Finn, at least to get some clarity on how they feel towards each other. Whether Finn is willing to forgive Quinn at all, or show compassion.

As for the song base Kurt's solo was powerful at best, and it came from his heart. I also appreciated hearing Santana and Mercedes sing 'The boy is Mine', is was an impressive comedy, but why give Puck so much attention. Who knew that Mercedes' popularity would overthrow the Mohawk disappointment? At least she put him in his place long enough, but wouldn't their relationship complicate things with Quinn. Even though she clearly gave Mercedes the go ahead, what does that mean for Quinn an her child? Why would Santana be obsessing over someone who has a child on the way. We need to have Santana and Quinn have a confrontation of some sort.



Three and a half Stars

Grade B-

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