Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 19 'Sacrifice' Review

Zod has managed to bring a whole army of his people together, all for the sake of dominion over mankind. Is it really worth it? We all know where this is going next, it bothers me even further that Zod knows of the fortress' whereabouts, enough to do severe damage. What is Zod's strategy; a repeat of the future seen in Lois' vision? The only thing that surprised me most with this episode, was Faora and Zod's unborn child. It made me question where he stood with Tess and how serious was his relationship with Faora. Zod is a conflicted character, he once wanted to make a pact with Clark that included him in a brotherly relationship. Even if Clark was under the red kryptonite influence, Zod's intentions were clear, and his connection with Clark did prove to be sincere to a particular extent.

Zod's misguided approach to dealing with a traitor in his mind backfired. The most sincere moments created on Smallville was the faded heartbeat of Zod's unborn child. He murdered the woman closest to his heart, pressed his ears against her stomach and with his super hearing skills, witnessed two deaths by his hand. I expected Clark to intervene, I did not want Faora to leave. Although her past allegiance to Zod brought some questions to mind when her character was first introduced. Remember in the beginning when Faora was set on overthrowing Zod, her actions surprised me then, especially since she swore that she owed Zod everything for saving her life. Faora herself was conflicted from the moment she arrived. The cloned DNA does bring rise to perspective and the first child of Krypton would have been interesting to follow through as a storyline. Sadly her death struck up more vengeance for the Kyptonians who raged war.

An episode without Lois creates a serious theme to the series, gearing it toward its finale goal. This is where Zod, Checkmate, Krypton, Tess, probably even Lex comes into play. It's no surprise that Tess and Chloe got thrown together, all for the sake of Checkmate. It's funny, I didn't ever believe that Tess would come off as this cowardice character, on the run. Her alliance with Checkmate made her seem weak that she would ever associate herself with something other than her own scheme. The chip inserted in her sort of reminded me of a scene from 'The Mummy', but that was just a humorous aspect. Still Tess has lost her edge, especially since she was well and ready to die.

We saw an old acquaintance who Tess shot in 'Pandora'; the computer geek who fire-walled(?) Chloe. Strange enough he reminded me of Dr. Evil from 'Austin Powers' or even Seth Green his associate,(we make fun wherever we can), but he did have this comic book look. His revenge towards Tess was not acquired. When Tess trusted Chloe to remove the tracking device, she expected that Chloe would have let her die. I was even surprised when Chloe contemplated on leaving her lifeless body there as well. This has shown how much Chloe has changed throughout each season. The fact that she just considered it, every few seconds that went into her changing her mind represented a changed Chloe. Still I can't imagine why the writers chose to make Tess lose her edge, even if she grasped a speck of her tendency to validate.

As for the ending, it was expected. Zod lied through his teeth, but that was nothing new. His madness and self pity is what makes Zod the character he is. Green Arrow was able to get a speck of insight into how Zod thinks, but I hope Ollie's okay. I know for a fact Zod's relationship with Tess is tarnished, since his heart was preoccupied with loving another. Still who would really want to have that kind of love from Zod?



Four Stars

Grade B-

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