Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 22 'In the Name of Love' Review

It's almost without words that one can share, when the first time we see Maya, she is involved in a fatal accident. Who knew? Or who would have ever imagined, that the time Naomi spent away from her daughter, would be the moments she regrets the most. Maya is far along, her belly is swollen with life, so where does this leave her little baby? Would Addison be forced to operate, or even choose? Is Maya going to be okay?

I remember embracing how well Addison and Sam handled being friends again, and how happy he was to realize that Maya was in labor, but what happened? I knew something didn't smell right. Maya was in such pain, I kept thinking why was she alone, and what if Dell wasn't around to take care of her? Where was her husband during all of this? Private Practice has managed to create yet another heart rendering episode that brings you closer to the screen having your mouth open in awe for the moment. No one is truly safe as a character role, we almost lost Violet last season and now we have yet another potential loss.

On a side note, we embrace the continuation after the court battle between Violet and Pete for custody over Lucas. Violet is still upset with Cooper and Pete still harbors his stance on whether or not Violet could spend time with Lucas. Both issues are resolved in both favors. Cooper regains Violet's friendship and Violet some visit time with Lucas, under Pete's best wishes. It only took a heart felt apology and a slight notice towards her imperfections. Then again no one is truly perfect, not even Pete. Just take a look at every one's relationship on this series.

Even Sheldon has his weak moments, just look at what his emotions for Charlotte are doing to him. Sheldon had to stop an elevator to get advice from Addison. Her advice simply told him to 'go for it' with Charlotte, but that just goes to show that even the therapists need advice once in a while, and that they do not have all the answers. Although Sheldon should have been smart enough to realize that Charlotte was still in love with Cooper, and if Cooper were to snap out of his depressing trance to realize what Charlotte meant to him, he would try to win Charlotte back. Charlotte would inadvertently choose Cooper, so I believe that Sheldon is a very lonely guy. He has lost a lot, even before he had it; he lost a potential family with Violet and could possibly lose Charlotte.

That was an exceptional speech he gave Charlotte, for protesting to love her the way she deserved to be love. What woman wouldn't want to hear those words? It was just coming from the wrong guy at the moment, but if Cooper shot Charlotte with a 'I want to take care of you the rest of your life', I am certain Charlotte would choose Cooper in a second before he finished his speech. It's sad when the heart chooses something that just wouldn't go away, it fears embracing anything new, especially when Charlotte wasn't truly over Cooper tot begin with. I am happy Violet told Cooper to go after 'his girl', but I was kind of sad for Sheldon.

I feel sorry for Fife, even if he was acting like a jerk, did he say he loved Naomi. Wow that seems to be the topic of the episode, the title should be 'Love is in the Air, Literally'. Honestly, I don't understand Naomi's relationship with White. Did they make Naomi and White begin dating just so Naomi could take care of him at his weakest moment. The writers obviously want to get rid of White's character, that is unless Fife's procedure works.

As for Addison and Sam, while dealing with kidnapped patient. Private Practice, by the way sold that case solid, beautiful acting from all parties. Sam and Addison eradicated their tension long enough, to be faced by yet another tragedy. We all know this places Dell in a hot seat. Let's just hope Maya's okay.



Five Stars

Grade A+

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