Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glee: Season 1 Episode 16 'Home' Review

Brittany: "I'm sure my cat's been reading my diary."

I don't think I recognized Brittany that much in the earlies, all I remember was her association with Santana. Now Brittany's limited lines are what makes a decent appeal for each episode. They are entirely uncanny, in a so awful, but you can't believe you are still laughing, kind of way.

'Home' played on the actual meaning of what a home conveys. A place of warmth, meaning and understand, somewhere we could feel like we belong somewhere. Which is probably why Kurt is trying his best to create a home of his own, but honestly he was pushing too hard on the Finn ideology. Did he really believe that if he brought Finn's mother together with his dad, a family would be there in the making. Had Kurt not have his ulterior motives, that entire fix up would not have been so weird. Had Kurt probably focused his attention on making his father happy, he wouldn't feel a sudden loss when his father began paying Finn some attention he wish he would pay him.

The not being so straight has been a topic that has been played down on Glee, as with the tension Kurt creates with Finn. His 'A House is not a Home' version did place a certain light his way. The music itself is built up with several connotations. Anyone could have a house, but not everyone could feel at home. This probably signified how conflicted Kurt feels at home with his father, and his need tot have a father son moment, which Finn took up from under him. I am not too keen with the constant googly eyes Kurt throws Finn's way, but as a lad Kurt surely has a long way to go in life.

As for Finn, he too has his family issues. He is not over his father's absence from his life, and it makes sense why he wouldn't be okay with his mother moving on from the memories shared with their father. Finn has dealt with a lot of pain and mistrust, which is why the first sign of change sends his radars up. Question though, speaking of home, where is Quinn's home? There has been no mention of her location since the last time it was established that her parents kicked her out and it earned her a temporary stay at Finn's home, which she was absent at. I believe their writers are holding out on us for a reason, as it is not like them to hold on to a crucial plot without full explanation.

Quinn, however has presented herself in a different light. Having a child has surely changed her perspective on things. it took a lot out of her to help Mercedes out of her trying time. Mercedes is a strong character, so the mere fact that she was able to fall whim to Sue's cheerios rules, showed her human side. It is a lot of pressure being in a Glee club that is underrated at their school, but joining the cheerios comes with it's conditions to fitting in. I was happy she was able to surpass an experience like that for the hope that it would make her character stronger. Sue on the other hands comes off as a mean b*tch, yet the way Jane Lynch delivers those lines makes you sit back and admire how much you despise her character.

Even if you want to dislike Sue, her sister's background brings light to human side and why she was able to make exceptions to who she brought on to her team. Will and April Rhodes' 'Fire' take was well in sync. Their emotional connection was evident the first time she guest starred on Glee. When the writers began opening them up to each other as two lost people searching for some meaning in their lives, I almost believed that they would push it beyond what it should have been. I still thought that Rhodes and Will sleeping in the same bed was a bit too far, even if nothing happened passed that. It makes you wonder where Will stands with Emma as a relationship, especially since he was well and ready to propose at one point. Emma still doesn't know about his illustrious kissing spree with a particular teacher, and yet she has to deal with another incident like this.

I give the writers credit, they are able to create exactly how a boy would behave while he is trying to become a man, because truly has Will ever grown up while he was with Terri. Terri only reminded him of his school days and being away from that makes him accept reality for what it really is. Somehow, even though there were some highlight musical moments, I more appreciated the emotional impact brought on by this episode. There were many character developments and revelations, but that's what added insight to the series this round.



Three and a half Stars

Grade C-

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