Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Castle: Season 2 Episode 23 'Overkill' Review

Beckett's boyfriend was a big reveal, even though Castle knew it in his heart, having Beckett kiss another man would have been heartbreaking for him. We shared his pain. For weeks we have seen Castle's inner emotions for Beckett increase. His eagerness to arrive early at the station just to share a coffee with a special someone, the competition to solve a murder so that inadvertently he could select the prize of recognition; every man's dying dream from the woman he loves. We could definitely say that now more than ever, that Castle loves Beckett.

I was surprised the way he lashed out at his mother, as though her sending a nice note to her competition in the working world, meant the end of his. He was clearly routing for the way his mother despised the person she was competing with. It literally gave him a rush, knowing that secretly if she won the fight, he could win his own as well. That letter signified some sort of retreat or acceptance that the enemy had won, and Castle couldn't have it. His mother was right to have asked him if he was okay, and I was actually hoping for some kind of heart to heart on the matter, where his mother would have shared some sound advice as to what Castle should do with his present situation.

That would however open everyone else into the reality of the situation; Castle loved Becket and she was seeing someone else. The reality probably hurt more for Castle. Once it was out there, it meant that he would have to deal with it, on a grown up level. He would have to take responsibility for his emotions and deal with a broken heart. Becket understands where she stands an she acknowledges her emotions, but she also understands Castle on a bigger level. If he couldn't come to terms with their relationship on a more serious base, how could they actually make it more without complications. Either that or Beckett is taking the safe was out, she can't risk falling deeply in love with someone, it would show off her sensitive side too much, and with Demming she could hide it.

I have no problem with Demming, he seems cute enough to crush on, but I wouldn't want him the be the reason Castle and Beckett stay apart.

The actual case on the other hand had its moments. The double scam reminded me of an episode where two strangers decide to kill people unfamiliar to them respectively. Except this version dealt with two people who killed one person at different times in a day, kind of outlandish and cold. At least the scam was discovered by both and they were able to decipher the real killers in the case.Still the focus was on the Demming, Castle, and Beckett relationship. When Castle tested Beckett to see whether Demming was her boyfriend, she brushed it off with a 'It's none of your business' card. For a second I believed maybe her relationship with Demming was one for courtship, but it was sound, and that scene ender not only broke Castle's heart, but the majority of the audience as well.



Four and a half Stars

Grade A-

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