Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Romantically Challenged: Season 1 Episode 2 'The Charade' Review

The bonds of friendship and family is evident here, and is continuously tested time again. The trouble I am having is setting these series apart from the many other family or friend oriented themed shows. What Romantically Challenged has on its side is the newness in story lines and plots. Each character carries a different personality and side that shows off a unique appeal I like. I still cannot get over Alyssa Milano's 'Mom' role, since they have hardly screened her son since she mentioned him in the pilot. In fact, we haven't seen the mother side, but more the single side to her.

Her sister comes off as a free spirit who cannot truly commit, so it's understandable Shawn is so crazy over her. Lisa wears one night stands and a weekend away no strings attached as though they were her uniforms or the style off the week. She's is only focused on living life. It often surprised me that the writers placed her as the kindergarten teacher, but that only showed her fun side and the fact that she was still growing up. Which is probably why the guy that is too nice, came off as a creep to her. Frankly I'm sure he scared some of us out as well. Was he willing to run five blocks (or so) for a jacket? I am simply upset he would have a woman waiting for so long.

As for Shawn, he still reminds me a bit of Joey from friends, still I found Joey to be a bit more charming in his flirtatious state, and his 'How you doin'' liner just sold it throughout each season. I just haven't found something that agrees with Shawn yet. Forgetting to pick up Perry after so many reminder notes, was a flat insult. It would have been more attractive had he taken her number, showed off his sensitive side by saying he had to run off and pick up his friend, then he could pick her up later. Shawn didn't understand that once you bunk with a buddy, you try not to piss them off to the point where they kicked you out. Word of advice, even though you know he's going to forgive you for letting him own yet again, you don't gloat about it. Lesson was surely learnt.

This series is very interesting and I actually look forward for more episodes, and for more characters like the extra nice guy, who certainly suffocated poor Rebecca with his niceness. Probably also to the point where she might be afraid for the next guy that asks her if she felt cold and needed a jacket. "You're not going to run ten blocks to get me a jacket though if I said, 'yes I was cold' though?"



Three and a half Stars

Grade B-

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