Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Castle: Season 2 Episode 22 'Food to Die For' Review

So we get our fair share of what high school was like for Beckett and a taste the type of friends she associated herself with. Surely what an awful way to have a reunion though, on a murder case. It's goo to see that Beckett had a feminine side to her, or at least embraced her girly-ness in the past. So Beckett and Madison don't seem to have much in common years later, except for their past friendship. Even though Beckett made an attempt to rekindle her friendship with Madison in the end, I doubt we would be seeing much of her. I was also glad Madison didn't turn out to be the killer. It would be a shame since she and Beckett bonded and then to have the cheesy 'bad guy' revelation be placed on her.

Castle's desire for food and taste for adventure was put to the test, but I believed that Beckett was too eager to break up Madison and Castle's date. It really looked as though Beckett overstepped when she chose to arrest Madison on her date with Castle, right after she asked Beckett if it was okay. What ever happened with that guy she and Beckett fought over in high school? I guess it doesn't matter now, but the real question should be, what juicy details does Madison have on Beckett? Who was Beckett like in high school really? Maybe it does not matter since she's overly set on keeping it in the past.

I am more concerned about this relationship with Demming. Castle obviously holds his resentment towards the union, and the final scene where he watches Beckett have fun with someone else that wasn't him, truly plunged a big one in Castle's heart. Castle was downright depressed watching Beckett and Demming bond. It even put a hamper on his home life. Does Beckett know what she is doing to him, by falling for another man right in front of Castle? I know Beckett is taking the safe road, probably hoping that Castle remains the insecure, unstable and uncertain person in order to make a transgression into a new relationship possible.

I still believe that Demming is the decoy that gets Castle to admit his true feelings for Becket. This guy comes out of nowhere on the part of the writers, all for appearances and looks. I don't buy it. He's going to play some crucial part in the script, we just don't know which part yet.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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