Friday, April 10, 2009

Gossip Girl 'It's a wonderful Lie' Review

Jenny is back home. Vanessa has gone boy crazy. Aaron's ex comes to town and is known for giving it all on the first date. Lily and Bart take a break and she finally considers lighting her old flame with Rufus... and Blair and Chuck set themselves up with each other. I must admit that Chuck imitation made me laugh, he certainly had the voice down as well as the attitude. Those Blair and Chuck imitations though, needed to get a room, they had their tongues stuck down each others throats for the entire night. That really annoyed me and the entire Blair and Chuck charade is getting really old, I'm tired of them going back and forth... "I want you".. back and forth... "Let's wait". The dancing between them needs to stop! I am going to be frank, there wasn't any real story line that stood out for me. Vanessa transformed into this lovey-dovey, jealous person that I've grown to dislike very strongly. First she steels the letter Nate wrote to Jenny (Which I frankly thought was absurd though), then she makes out with him in what was considered 'Gossip Girl' territory and to top it all off slams Jenny for making out with him first, then breaks it of with him at the party. Okay, if she was just going to break up with Nate, why did she get all dressed up and broke the news to him in a party non-the-less. That was probably a sloppy note on the writers end, the only way Vanessa could be publicly humiliated was if she showed up at a public place. That entire plot line was a joke. I'm not defending Jenny, but at least she has an excuse for acting immature, her age agrees with it. Nate just blanks Jenny because she didn't reply to his letter, how many people reads letters these days, hello Nate you could have tried texting her or calling, that would have been great, at least the message would have been received. Letters could easily get lost... in the mail. That entire scene was messed up, Vanessa saying that she hadn't felt that way about anyone... I had no idea what she was talking about, what she spent a few precious moments with him and already she's in love? I just don't buy it. Okay we've established it, Vanessa and Nate are not my favorite couple.

I really do not like Aaron, I'm still hanging on the line he delivered last episode "I'm a one woman man now". What changed? Aaron doesn't strike me as a serious character. I keep waiting for the ball to drop when he's with Serena. Dan and Serena are too lovey-dovey as well. I've moved on from the two of them a long time ago, maybe they should do the same. Not that I like who they are with, they just don't do good together. Quite frankly I don't think they should even be friends... what's the point?

For weeks on end they've been going on about Lily's past and her feelings for Rufus, her love-less marriage with Bart. She heads back to Rufus and then... yes something happens that makes her realize that she has to sacrifice her feelings for Rufus and go to someone she doesn't love. That was okay in the beginning, now I'm getting tired of it. I thought Rufus had a girlfriend, where did she disappear to? I'm telling you, if this couple doesn't tie up loose ends by the end of this season I would be truly disappointed with the show altogether.

What is up with those two girls always getting up in peoples' faces saying how better they are than everybody. I loved Vanessa's line "Blair wannabes" that definitely gives them a good description. They are beginning to be too annoying, someone should just slap them... maybe Jenny?

This show needs some fine tuning. there are many couples that are either not a good match in my book, or is just getting to old for me to put up with. Gossip Girl set high standards for itself and I know it could be a lot better.


Two out of Four stars


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