Friday, April 10, 2009

Samantha Who? 'The Park' Review

Samantha Who did really give the kick it needed to derive uproar of laughter as this episode was circled around bidding Owen farewell. It was anticipated at the beginning though when Samantha began doing all that hard work, we all know that isn't Samantha, that only spelt disaster for the two of them.

I'd actually hoped they would build more on Willow and Todd's relationship. It might have played off better if Samantha had left Owen because she realized her feelings for Todd, but I guess that would be done another way. Andrea's obsession with Tony continues. I felt that the episode 'The Building' was used to bring Seth in the picture, who is now becoming a burden. He keeps telling Andrea that he's pushing her towards Tony son she could be with him sooner. I'm sure if it didn't work out with Tony, she still would go with Seth, he's too desperate. I wonder where they are going with that?

Samantha's father and Frank was absent this round. These characters are completely underused. They should give Frank a story to be in the story, he's a very sarcastic character and adds a lot of humor to each episode.


Two out of Four stars

(**) / (****)

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