Thursday, April 9, 2009

Samantha Who 'Help' Review

I have to admit, the episodes after the premier kinda sucked for me, it barely made me laugh like I did for the entire first season. This episode gave funny a different meaning. It humored me throughout the entire plot. I loved the story line, even though it drifted from the 'community service' theme as soon as Samantha found her troubled teen to work with. The guest star performance was okay, but Samantha took center stage for this one. I didn't expect to laugh so much throughout this episode, but I did and I look forward for next week's installment.

Funny scene(s)

*At the beginning where Sam thinks that she may have done a crime she forgot about as she turns to the police officer in line with her at the traffic light. Awkward silence as their eyes meet.
Samantha: "He knows!", then drives off suddenly. :)

*In the end, where Sam is picking up rubbish at a road side, Dena passes by her doing the same community service.
Dena: "Keep moving, not here to make friends just doing my time" :)



Three out of four stars

(*** / ****)


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