Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Office 'Employee Transfer' Review

It amuses me how close Jim and Pam are. That 'good friends' relationship they have going is very cute and it's nice to see Jim stick up for his woman even to his brothers. That just goes to show how much a perfect match Jim and Pam are. See Jim, you didn't really have anything to worry about by Pam partying with her friends, Roy was just being a jealous ex. So with respect to Dwight and Andy, we all know that the squabble between them was because of Angela, for Dwight anyway. Boy does Angela have a taste in guys, they both have that goofy-immaturity thing in common. It does present nice entertainment for Angela, to watch Dwight and Andy act like well round teenagers, for Dwight it's nothing but his natural behavior.
My funny scene:

Holly, Michael and Daryll in the moving Van 'Holly just begins to cry out of nowhere'
Michael- "Did Daryll touch you?"

My favorite plot line(s):

*Jim's brothers criticizing Pam and her art work, their little prank towards brother Jim, which I didn't think would have been funny but would have only ended up insulting Pam, but his brothers came off goofy, definitely not like Jim. I especially loved the part where Jim comes off to be like Pam's hero not afraid to stick up for her. I'm glad they still maintain that friendship throughout the series.

*Holly and Michael crying to the break-up, though Michael is known for his crying (Cocktails, when Jan tries to have her way with Michael at the party). Daryll himself couldn't put up with their outburst as he calls someone to get a taste of the outside world or to hear anyone else but them which I thought was a typical 'the office' scene, but just as captivating. -----------------------------------------------------

It's sad though to see Holly and Michael break-up for Holly was the woman version to Michael and the only person I think could ever put up with Michael. I hope this isn't the end of the two, but of course we could have expected that to happen seeing as the guy from corporate found out about their 'relationship' from last episode (Crime Aid). This was another good episode, then again I've grown to appreciate every episode from the office.

Of course I couldn't forget to mention Kelly and Ryan at the beginning. Is Ryan finally getting used to Kelly, or is he just resentful of the fact that Kelly is no longer paying him the attention he needs. Michael barely pays him any attention, probably too preoccupied with with Holly and Kelly, well is too preoccupied with 'making-out' with Darryl in front of him, anyway Ryan is just out of place in the office and is looking for that connection again. At least Jan would be okay with Michael's break-up with Holly. Even though Holly and Michael didn't take it so good. Let's sing the blues.


Three of of four stars

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