Friday, April 10, 2009

Dollhouse 'True Believer' Review

'Congratulations towards Eliza Dushku on a wonderful performance'

Playing Echo's character comes with great difficulty as Dushku has to present a different character in each episode.


Non the less, she pulled it of remarkably in 'True Believer' where Echo played a blind girl entering what was believed to be a Religious Cult.

Dollhouse has the capacity to uphold it's viewers differently in each installment, but 'True Believer' was on of the best episodes so far this season.

We have reached the fifth installment and so far discovered that Echo presented similar characteristics to Alpha before he glitched. Echo is wiped every time, but she still retains memories of her aliases. Here in 'True Believer', she remembers Laurence Dominic's attempt on her life as Esther in the end, which adds a sense of mystery where we as viewers wonder how much does Echo really retain?

It is amazing what technology could accomplish. Placing what seemed like a camera in Ehco's eyes. Making Echo believe she was blind.

I think I really admired this installment, perhaps more than the others. Esther had a different personality compared to previous installments. I actually believed that she was blind, compliments for Dushku's acting here again.

From the moment she stepped out from the car of her protector Boyd Langton to enter the camp, she had me convinced and so did the other believers. I found myself relating to their characters, especially Esther.

'True Believer' also revealed a bit more on the detective (Paul Ballard) as he becomes one step closer to discovering Echo's or Caroline's true identity and/or whereabouts. Occasionally I wonder if Mellie, Ballard's down-to-earth neighbor, is Dollhouse material. Do you think Dollhouse would be aware of the detective's snooping around? Different dots are revealed in each installment as Alpha finds a way to reveal Echo's true personality.

I felt compassion towards Mellie though as she broke into Ballard's home to retrieve his pain medication and to drop off the mail she received for him. Does he notice how oddly attached she is to him?

Also Victor's character has a step up as he shows feelings towards Sierra's character. It leads us to wonder, can we really wipe man's mind completely like a computer chip? We aren't robots. Probably that is why Dollhouse coincides on the same day of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is what I want to view in Dollhouse, this is the mystery I admire and Dollhouse is finally putting it's foot down.

The excitement Dollhouse receives is finally building up, which leaves an extra dose of anticipation for next week's 'Man on the Street' installment.

Until then, we wait anxiously as television becomes our new best friend; for some more than others. Still if Dollhouse keeps this up, it might just live up to all the hype.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B



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