Thursday, April 9, 2009

Private Practice 'Past Tense' Review

Well just when I thought that Private Practice couldn't get better they hit us with this installment and I must say that it just blew me away. I don't mean to come off cliche but this show is just climbing indescribable heights.

Addison and Pete play the 'just friends' role perfectly. What about Addison and Violet bonding, this show explores the different possibilities of relationships and it always works for me. The SWAT cop seems hotter than ever and how about that intense scene at the end :). I've got to say this show really gives us something to smile about with the beautiful cast and the story lines, they just fit.

In some shows when there are guest stars, their presence usually seems forced, but with Meg; who is introduced as Pete's or should I say Peter's ex-lover, I felt like I've always known her and that's a plus. I don't really like the 'Sam-Naomi' pairing but their constant bickering towards each other was very entertaining. The twist of Addison replacing them was good, even though I think it would be a big responsibility for her, seeing that she is new to the practice and how would that affect her relationship with Sam and Naomi (who she is already on egg-shells with). I guess we would see that for future episodes, which I am definitely looking forward to.

I was really loving the Cooper-Charlotte relationship, but when they just sat back in the end and began relating their feelings, I really couldn't care for it as it didn't strike me as a 'Charlotte' come on. Though it's sad to see that she wasted that costume she put on for Cooper. It seems that Cooper is in charge for a now, though I would like to see the 'mean-bossy' Charlotte again, she always cracks me up. Overall I loved episode as I did the previous installments. Private Practice is getting it's own identity as a show, rather than just being referred as 'the spin-off' from Grey's.


*I really look forward for something more with Addison and that cop, he seems more genuine than the other guys Addison goes with and is decent to look at.

*Charlotte doesn't strike me as the sharing type and she really needed some work with that stripper whip she had, probably needed to hit him a bit harder though, that sappy stuff shouldn't cut it.

*Violet shared something with Addison, so we look forward to something more with that.

*I wonder where is Sam and Naomi's child Maya. They sure make time to have their (clear throat) you know, but it's like they've completely omitted her out of their lives.



*Three out of four stars*

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