Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smallville 'Abyss' Review

Chloe loses bits and pieces of her memory. Clark rebuilds the fortress. Davis and Chloe's relationship takes a new turn. I must say, I enjoyed every bit of this episode. At First I thought it was going to be a typical Chloe-Jimmy episode, when they started all 'lovie-dovie' in the beginning, but the thought of Chloe suddenly forgetting Jimmy, definitely caught me off guard, hence the twist. Too bad Lois wasn't there to add to one more forgotten pieces of Chloe's mind.

"I think I'd remember my own fiancée, I've never seen you before in my life"

I have to give Alison Mack(Chloe) credit for that performance, it was entirely believable. Davis and Chloe was no surprise. I knew from the beginning when Davis initially came onscreen, that some flame would light between them and after that kiss, well not much can be said there. Chloe and Jimmy always had this picture perfect relationship, hence nothing is ever perfect. Looks like Jimmy better keep an eye out for Davis, who seems to be walking on toxic ground. Even though Jimmy might not be any match for Davis and his extra normal strength. Clark wears the 'extra power suit' well, wonder how Davis would wear his.

So Chloe finally forgets about Clarke's power, is that a good or bad thing. It seems to come in different packages.

The twist at the end fit perfectly. I was wondering whether the fortress was infected. I'd love to see where the show would take this story line.


Three and a half out of four stars


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