Friday, April 10, 2009

Samantha Who 'The Family Vacation' Review

Looks like Andrea got tired of Tony... a bit, and decided to take on a family trip with Samantha... after she was uninvited. What is Samantha Who without Andrea. Obviously they couldn't risk finding out themselves. It seems as though every episode must feature Andrea, Samantha and Dena together, which always seems to convenient for the plot sometimes, must they always be together, must Andrea always stick up under Samantha? We learn that Samantha had a first love. The episode begins with her finding a new boyfriend and getting dumped and it ends the same way. The storyline was just too simple and I actually missed Owen's contribution to the plot. I thought this was an average episode. It didn't have that belly-rolling appeal I always admire.


Two out of Four stars

(**) / (****)


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