Friday, April 10, 2009

The Office 'Golden Ticket' Review


Somehow I knew the tickets going to the same company would be good in the end. Michael was trying too hard to put the blame on Dwight and it soon back fired. I must admit, I felt sorry for Michael when the tables turned on him and Dwight began to take credit for his idea. You would think the company benefiting from the idea would be good news enough, but Michael had to reclaim his credit even after he was so willing to put Dwight's job at risk. I got a laugh from Michael listening in on the glorified conversation in the conference room for Dwight, breathing in the receiver. Dwight reading out why he loves Willy Wonka and making up tales as to why he came up with the idea.

I also loved how they included Darryl, he was missing for a little while.
"You!" Michael exclaims, trying to place the blame on Darryl; anyone but yourself hmm Michael.

To think if he just stuck with the blame, he would also claim credit.

What's up with Andy giving advice to Kevin... about dating?
"Ooh I like our dress, but I'd like it more if you had prettier hair"
Was that supposed to be a pick-up line? If Andy didn't take his own advice, maybe relationships would be different for him. What did Angela see in him, then again...

A good installment for the Office, though the laughing didn't bring tears it was still interesting to watch.


David: "Pam, don't send me those notes"


Two and a Half out of Five Stars



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