Saturday, April 11, 2009

24 ' Day 7: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM' Reveiw

24 is one of the few series which keeps you attached from beginning to end and which maintains it's top five position in my book weekly.


Each hour seems to be nerve wrecking as Jack goes from being hunted like an animal to being infected with a deadly nerve virus and Jack does this 'all for his country'. Doesn't the world need more people like him? Then again over time Jack feels like he has nothing to live for, could this be his big break?

This segment opens with the continued hunt for Jack's head on the platter as he is assumed to be a murderous felon. Still Jack pursues the only lead on Starkwood, the only useful piece of information he got from the Senator, before he met his demise. As Larry realizes that there was a third party at the Senator Meyer's house and Jack isn't the psychopathic killer he imagined him to be, he rings Renee to gain some more perspective on Jack's whereabouts; it's about time.

Jack and Tony, on the verge of meeting, each discuss the recent events Jack discovered. Starkwood has biological weapons in the country and is plotting an attack. The entire community is hunting the wrong person as usual. Jonas Hodges should be the individual under scrutiny; he is a ruthless business man who believes that the death of millions could compensate for his ridiculous cause. What's 24 without the madman and the absurd theory. On the other hand John Voight's screen time often benefits 24. His representation of Hodges is astounding from since 24 Redemption. Hodges stood still as he managed to stand up in front of the board of directors and make the idea of 'taking charge and standing up for the Starkwood rights, possibly facing government indictment' sound like a walk through the park, only settling with one opposer to his ridiculous theory 'Senator Meyer's dead so it's okay now'.

I found myself wondering if Jack was going to help Carl, the guy he befriended in a short space of time. Jack promised him that he would have his back after he rambled on about his wife and the twins. I kept thinking back to the conversation between Carl and his wife, wondering if she would becoming a widow and a single parent in one day. When Jack shot the guy that was holding Carl at gun-point, Carl's "Thank you, Thank you" proved more than amusing, like he was saying "I knew he had my back I didn't doubt it for a second". I was happy to know that Jack wasn't willing to stick by his theory of "Let one die to save thousands", maybe Carl rambled on about his wife to give Jack some sympathy towards him. I'm glad Carl got to go home to his wife-without the money, but that proves; you play with fire, you get burned. At least he made it out without a scratch or at least a bullet to the head.

I rooted for Jack when he got a hold of a truck, though I felt it was too easy. It couldn't end with 'Jack apprehends the weapons returns it to the government and everything returns to normal', there are nine more episodes left sadly, in this case, hours. Starkwood had to reclaim the weapons, in that case, was Jack's rescue attempt a sham? Tony ended up in Starkwood's custody and Jack ended up being exposed to the canisters, let's hope there is a cure. Let's hope the CDC sent by Larry arrives on time.

At the White house was Olivia actually nice to Ethan? Of course our suspicions of her leaking Ethan's input in the Jack Bauer murderous spree was confirmed when she openly fed the reporter more juicy details on-screen, with an additional promise of dinner, let's hope the reporter doesn't turn the tables on her. The funny part is, she claims to be doing all her dirty deeds for her mother; lay the dirt on someone else while her mother escapes scot-free. I couldn't believe that Ethan fell for her tricks, apologizing for ever doubting her in the beginning. All in all Ethan proved to be a good man as he personally resigned without persuasion or hesitation.

Bonus Facts

*Was it just me or did you sense a personal connection between President Taylor and Ethan, as they held hands in the end. Even from 24 Redemption it felt as though they had a history.

*Henry's alive and well and is expected to have a full recovery. I hope he remains well and ready, I don't think he could survive another hostage attempt.

*How far would Olivia go to protect her mother?


Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade B+


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